Why Books Are Important In Our Life?

In this article we are going to talk about the Why books are important in our life? Have you ever read a comic or a novel and you got so engrossed in it that you travelled to another dimension of thinking? This is the power of the book. It lets you travel into something that never exists. You escape reality, you sense the euphoria, you feel relaxed and keep away from depression. Books are such a great thing to stimulate your mind.

Why books are important in our life?               

Here are some of the importance of books-

1. Enhances your vocabulary

 Enhances your vocabulary

It is easier to learn vocabulary from books rather than memorizing Dictionary because you’re learning words contextually. The words make sense of whatever you’re reading and thus make it easier to remember.

However, reading itself doesn’t guarantee to enhance a high vocabulary. You need to be curious about the meaning of new words that come across when you are reading something. If you take notes of those words and practise them regularly, your vocabulary enhances over time. Here is the thing, you do need to put effort into understanding the context that you’re reading, otherwise you aren’t going to learn anything new.

Always try to read different genres of books. It helps in the exposure of different knowledge. Reading out loud also helps in building pronunciation.

2. Helps improve your mood

Helps improve your mood

It may seem unlikely, but reading can make anyone feel happy. As with relieving stress, the transportive nature of reading can take you to a different place and away from things that keep upsetting or frustrating them in normal lives. It helps fight loneliness and isolation.

Reading something before going to bed can help in good sleep because it stimulates the mind and relieves stress. When you read something, it enhances and ignites the neural pathways of the brain.

People who do mental exercises are 32% less likely to develop mental decline.

3. Improve student’s lives

 Improve student’s lives

Books boost students in several ways. A student is expected to take a long-term procedure towards learning. That means the student needs continual need to discover the world around them. This helps broaden your intellect and increase your knowledge.

Improving intelligence helps to be more aware of what goes around. When someone reads history books the person becomes more insightful about how circumstances have changed and evolved over time. Autobiographies help you to know about influential personalities as well as their failures.

One healthy mind is knowing if that person is constantly learning and developing. All books store different and useful information in their pages. They give students a way to explore different situations.

Books can help harness additional skills if the student is working part-time and it gives a competitive edge in the job market. A student’s life is way more stressful, considering how demanding their schedule is and their long desire to succeed in life. Depending on your goal, a resourceful book contains several practical and theoretical knowledge to push your career to greater heights.

Books give an effective workout to students. It keeps you alert by simulating your mental capacity and boosting efficiency. Being an enthusiastic book reader improves personality because they become more versatile in approach to life and thus helps you in starting conversations and participate in discussions due to your diverse knowledge when you interact with other people.

4. Important for society

Important for society

Books are a valuable source of information and knowledge that affects society in different ways. Be it a noble-winning masterpiece or a bedtime story, the significance of the book cannot be overplayed. From the early stages of life as a child, the person always has the urge to gain knowledge. This curiosity leads a person to read a wide range of books that transitions from bedtime stories to big pieces of literature that make you think critically and challenge your perceptions.

Society link books for knowledge. Books inform that we have a lot more beyond our city or country. They open up our minds to new directions and possibilities.

5. Importance in research

Importance in research

Various books are used for research purposes depending on the topic we are going for. Books have a wide range of topics to study, including recent ones. If you’re looking for working on new research, books contain huge information which can be helpful far better than any website on the internet or google can offer. Books provide useful and correct information and most importantly validated by experts. Picking a book through a famed creator is commonly preferred because this is linked to being a credible authority on the subject you need to cover. Properly documented books have the extra depth for studies as well as when the book was published to make certain that the information furnished is timely and relevant. Reading and writing skills go hand in hand, the more you read, the more writing skills will be.

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6. A good book gives endless entertainment

A good book gives endless entertainment

The most popular benefit of reading a book is to a form of entertainment. Every form of a book is unique and takes you to a different place while reading. Also, you can take your book anywhere. Be it a rainy day, enjoying the beach or enjoying your weekend on the couch. It provides you entertainment no matter what age you are. You may know some moviemakers get inspired by the story of books, and then make a movie out of it. But seriously, if you want to understand the in-depth story of it, the movie won’t help. You can watch that movie in just 2 or 3hrs, but a book may take 4-5days to complete. So, now you can imagine which has better information.

7. Makes you more empathetic

7. Makes you more empathetic

Have you ever felt like you’re the main character of the story you’re reading? Do you make scenarios that never exist and feel so good about it? Do you feel romantic reading love stories? Do you feel sad after the story ends? This is the power of a book. It has the ability to put yourself into someone else’s show and make you feel and experience it yourself. You may try harder to read without imagining but you really can’t.

8. Makes you a better writer

Makes you a better writer

You can’t write about something unless you know a thing about it. To become a good writer, one needs to know details, information, data, etc. A good writer always proof check before writing about something. Reading magazines, books or novels helps you build your creative writing skill. It helps you to build critical thinking skills, exposes you to different writing styles, allows you to study grammar in context and inspires new ideas. Always try to read for purpose and not for pleasure. Recognize what other author teaches you from their story. Nowadays, even a bit of writing, like making a business presentation, do requires research skills that involve lots of reading. Shakespeare never wrote like Jane Austen neither Sir Arthur Conan Doyle write like Sidney Sheldon, they have their own writing techniques.

9. Reading books improves concentration

Reading books improves concentration

Reading is essential to develop literacy, but did you know it can improve concentration levels?

While watching television is a passive activity, reading books encourage you to calm your mind and concentrate on the words being absorbed. Not only just concentration but also improves attention span, focus and improves brain connectivity. Reading makes our brain work and develop a deeper view of ideas, concepts, emotions, and body of knowledge. Especially when you are reading fictional books like any novel, then all of our attention is focused on the story or gaining a better understanding of a particular topic- and the rest of the world just falls away because we get too engrossed in it.

If you even want to encourage your reading skills, start away with your favourite topic and eventually, you’ll find interest in it.

10. Reading books increases memory

Reading books increases memory

Be it a fairy tale story or IIT-JEE chemistry, books are always beneficial for building short-term or long-term memory. As we get older, we tend to lose our memory. However, studies say that reading books every day can actually slow down the tendency to memory loss in old age. Studies also show that people can recall memories better when they study from an actual book than a person who studied it from a screen.

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