Short Essay On My Favorite Book

In this essay we are going to talk about the My Favorite Book. I have recently found out that I am fond of reading. Reading habit has slowly gained my interest. It has really helped me grow mentally and taught me how to deal with things. I found peace in reading. This is a habit every one of us must develop. Some people feel it is boring but then the actual benefits are underestimated. Once upon a time, I wasn’t interested in it, but then, I just found a book and started reading. And I had the hook for it and I couldn’t stop reading. 

Short Essay On My Favorite Book

The very first book was ‘Half girlfriend’ by Chetan Bhagat, which was a good read indeed. I enjoyed reading it. But I couldn’t carry anything out from it. The second book was ‘Life’s amazing secrets’ by Gaur Gopal Das. He is a famous monk. I have become his admirer, and his thoughts and teachings were blessings. So far, this is my favorite book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every line of it. It was definitely an eye-opener for me.

Essay On My Favorite Book

With that book, I have discovered that I love and enjoy self-help books more than any other. I found them interesting because they hold the subject of keen learning. I love learning new things constantly. Books have really helped me grow mentally and understand situations and everything in life better.

My favorite book is ‘Life’s amazing secrets’ by Gaur Gopal Das. It is a great book and I have learned many things from it. It talks about how situations change relations and how we unnecessarily aim super high and lose ourselves in the process. It talks about how to be happy with what we have. It teaches kindness, empathy, compassion, confidence, peace, and so on. They have really helped me develop personal qualities.

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Mainly, kindness has really gotten into my head. From the end of the book, I have started practicing kindness in my life. And trust me, I’m a better person now than I was. Kindness has totally changed me as a person. My anger short temper has gone down quarterly and I’m super proud of it because the anger and short temper have really impacted my relationships and led to unintended misunderstandings.

Peace is the second thing I incorporated. I think that’s ideal for a normal person like me. Life hasn’t been easy for me I guess for now it is. I have always faced traumatic incidents, mentally down, physically exhausted, and helpless. I hated being in such an exhaustive routine. And gradually I lost room for so-called peace. But then, this book has actually given me answers. It said how to be peaceful from within. I don’t want to give spoilers to someone who wants to read.

Essay On My Favorite Book In English

It transformed me into a new person mentally. It has been my new hobby, and I enjoy reading by myself. That brings me peace. It is just a keen interest to learn and grow myself internally. I’m a person who seeks personal development. Kindness and peace are what I’m practicing and trying to attain in my life.

I hope someday I will reach that mental state where I’d free myself from everything that bothered me in my life. This will be a great read for someone who enjoys self-help books. One of the best books ever. 

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