Why I Cannot Sleep at Night?

In this article we are going to talk about the Why I Cannot Sleep at Night? Each one of us know that how important is talking at least 6-7 hours of sleep regularly. Proper sleep is very important for our body. If we do not take proper sleep, it will badly harm our health, it will harm our work, our mood everything. People do not think at all about all these consequences on themselves, if they won’t take proper sleep.

But, of course there are different reasons, according to different persons  for not sleeping. There are different emotional, psychological causes, due to which people cannot sleep properly. Nowadays, people are too much stressed regarding everything around them, which affects their sleep a lot.

Why I Cannot Sleep at Night?

A proper sleeping pattern is very important in everyone’s life, no matter how much stressed or tensioned, a person is, sleeping properly is equally or I say more important than any other thing.

 And I am also that person who cannot sleep at night due to various reasons. Here are top 10 of them(reasons), that why I cannot sleep at night.

1. Overthinking


Many people like me, have the habit of overthinking. Overthinking actually means thinking about anything, any problem etc. extra/more which is actually not required.

People like me have this habit, I actually thinks a lot about everything, which goes on in my life and it actually affect my sleeping pattern., I could not sleep at night. As at night there is silence, that time even I don’t want to think, I start thinking about everything going in my life. Every stuff just revolves in my mind and do not let me sleep.

Only by controlling my thinking process, I could overcome this problem. I should not think more about things as it would not change anything, rather it will just harm my health.

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2. Using mobile and watching TV late nightly

Using mobile and watching TV late nightly

This is really bad habit. As watching TV and using mobile late nightly disturbs the brain activity and the light of TV and mobile says you to wake up which is exact opposite at the time of sleeping.

This is my worst habit, once I hold mobile at late night for anything either for work or anything else, I just think of using it for few minutes, but I use it for hours and it completely vanishes my sleep and I could not sleep. I have to work this and try to improve my habit and not use mobile or watch TV at late night.

3. Trying to solve my problems at night

Trying to solve my proble

One of my weird habit is that I try to solve all my problems at the middle of the night. I think that I can solve every problem, at that particular moment of time. As those thought revolves in my mind continuously, I get worried to solve them.

This do not let me sleep as I am badly involved in my problems and is in search for the solution. This is my fault that I am trying to solve my issues at the sleeping time and affecting my own health. Again my mind, my thoughts, my thinking process do not let me sleep.

4. Having bad eating pattern

Having bad eating pattern

Eating pattern is very important in each one of our life. Having bad eating eating pattern will just not affect our sleeping pattern but it will affect our whole day.

Similarly, eating healthy is important for sleeping properly. Healthy eating and having a healthy diet keeps your mind fresh and lets you sleep properly.

I have a bad eating pattern and non-timely eating habit, which has disturbed my whole sleeping pattern. There is no fix time of my eating, due to which I do not feel sleepy at night. I eat just once in a whole day and once at late night which is also not fixed, it has ruined my whole sleeping pattern.

5. Emotional issues

Emotional issues

Every person is emotional, some show their emotions, some do not show. People do have their personal problems, and they get emotional. Emotional issues include family problems, relationship issue, getting hurt by people you never thought.

I do have emotional issues, I cannot sleep at night as I am very sad due to some people, who have hurt me, so badly that I could not even express. I never thought that they would do this to me. I continuously just think about the things they have done to me and could sleep at night. I should stop myself by doing this to me and harming my healthy.

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6. Diseases


There are various disease which leads to lack of sleep. Insomnia is a disease which disturbs a person, who tend to sleep, the reason behind it is stress. Stress and different health condition leads to insomnia. Mental disorder is also any issue, which comes in the path of sleep. Hormones change is a big reason in one’s life which affect the sleeping pattern. The fluctuating of different estrogen and progesterone during periods in girls disturbs girls like me a lot while sleeping and just leads to nothing. No matter how much I try to sleep during that time, I could not as mind is not stable at that time.

But, this problem too can be solved by taking hot water bath, using hot water bags and I need to solve this problem very soon because it disturbs my sleep and increases my headache also.

7. Design\Pattern of the room

Design\Pattern of the room

Proper Design and pattern of room is very important for having a good sleep. Person like me need to have a proper well managed room, to sleep properly. Some people need a dim light during night while sleeping, some need full light, for some lights do not matters and for people like me needs complete dark room while sleeping.

I cannot sleep at night because at night light comes in my room, which disturbs me while sleeping. As I want a complete dark room while sleeping which would be properly well managed. So , now I will renew it my room according to my needs and have a proper sleep at night.

8. Nightmares and night terrors

 Nightmares and night terror

People like me get afraid of things easily and quickly. Nightmares just afraid me at some other level and due to which I do not sleep at night. I have a fear that if I sleep I would have bad nightmares, so just for the fear of nightmares I do not sleep.

I also I have fear of night terrors, like in the silence, while I would be sleeping someone would kidnap me or kill me. I know it sounds funny, but I have such fears and I know I myself have to fight through this, as I cannot live my whole life in such fears and affect my sleep.

9. Depression


Mental health has a clear and direct relation with sleep. If a person is mentally ill, they cannot sleep. Nowadays, depression and anxiety are major issues within people. It just worsen the sleeping quality.

I myself is in depression due my personal and professional problems nowadays due to which I am not able to sleep at night properly. I feel like my life has been so stressful which disturbs me day and night and is affecting my health. I need to fight this issue for myself and for my proper health.

10. Time management

Time management

Time management is the most prior thing in one’s life. As all the things depends upon how you manage your time. Many people work for long, many work as well as study. So it is very important for people like them to manage their time for everything.

As people like me work as well as study and I also do not have a proper routine of anything nor I have managed my time for any of my stuffs, I work in day time and study at night. This is the reason I cannot sleep properly at night.

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