Is It Good To Date A Divorced Woman?

In this article we are going to talk about the Is it good to date a divorced Woman? While a divorce can be a tragic ending to an initially beautiful and well planned out beginning, it is always better to end something that does not serve but debilitate you, for the greater good.. The greater good of being spared of the confinement and suffocation of an unfulfilling relationship. An end to bearing the burn of emotional and perhaps physical torture.

 Several kinds of taboos that tend to prevail in society of which divorce certainly manages to make a mark. The scope of pursuing a fulfilling relationship and getting out of a broken one seems rather bleak within the societal context.

Is it good to date a divorced Woman?

Even to this day, engaging in a relationship with a divorced person is frowned upon due to the unprecedented prejudices that seem to prevail in the present day context. The female gender particularly has faced the worst of it for a long time now. In this article, we are going to flip this mentality over and discuss the upsides of dating a divorced woman.  

1. Self Awareness

Self Awareness

Naturally, coming out of divorce is no cakewalk! The breakup of a marriage is a dramatic turning point in one’s life. Coming out of a marriage makes an individual vulnerable and empowered at the same time. Subsequently, the individual is met with the mammoth task of needing to rediscover and rebuild themselves with the fresh wound and new found emotional freedom. She has not only walked through the painful journey of healing, rebuilding and self discovery but also has gracefully come out of it being a better version of herself.

She is self assured and very much in touch with her feelings, emotions, need , wants and most importantly, the reality!  She knows what she wants. She is very much in touch with her needs, wants and her own worth.

Most relationships end because once the honeymoon stage is over and the spell of puppy love wears off, the two find the relationship rather hollow for they do not know what they want. This is not going to happen with this woman!

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2. Values relationships

 Values relationships

She has come out of a rough divorce and chose to give love another try. A divorce can be severely emotionally tormenting for someone and be heavy on the soul. It takes a lot of courage and strength to walk through and heal from  this traumatic life experience.    Despite all the hurt and the burn of a broken marriage, she chooses to choose life. It takes formidable amounts of courage to go through this painful separation and have an open heart again. She knows the value of relationships and would not take you and your efforts for granted! 

3. Mature and experienced

Mature and experienced

She has ‘been through it all’ therefore, learned from her mistakes and gained wisdom. She is emotionally balanced and would most likely be a guiding force for this relationship to blossom for she isn’t under the ‘spell’ of chemistry and is pragmatic in her approach because of her clarity of mind. Fancy stuff does not amaze her anymore and she wants to pursue and build something that holds real value to her.

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4. Open minded

Open minded

Getting in and coming out of a marriage, the weight of broken promises of a shared future consisting of mutual partnership is a heavy experience which can take a toll on the person experiencing it. It can also open anyone’s perspective to a wider horizon. Due to this, she will not be non judgmental and see you for who you are without focusing on the superficial aspects. She has way less inhibitions and as a result, will be flexible in her approach towards the relationship, time spent together etc. 

5. Highly independent

Highly independent

It is highly admirable how one person can respect themselves enough not get out of an unfulfilling relationship. Heal through it, take lessons and grow and come out stronger. She does not settle and would not accept any less than she is worth. She would know how to get things her way without much external support. She is highly self reliant and self sufficient. This would therefore be a constructive relationship where you will help each other grow.

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6. No unrealistic expectation

No unrealistic expectation

Having been in a marital relationship, she is familiar with the saying that, ‘the painted picture isn’t always the real picture’. She would not have unreal idealistic expectations of everything being sunshine and rainbows. She knows that is not how life works.

She knows everyone is human and we all come with our fair share of flaws. But The catch is that you can open up to her and would still not feel like you are walking on eggshells because she understands.

7. Get time for yourself

Get time for yourself

She is self aware and has her priorities right. She knows what she has to do and what is important to her. She is growth oriented and would not demand to spend time with you every single day. She has responsibilities and understands that you have them too! 

You both can have a bond of mutual partnership and yet keep your lives sorted by having personal space to keep your lives on track.

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8. Learned from past

Learned from past

She knows what it takes to build a strong and sustainable relationship.. She might as well foresee the pitfalls throughout the course of the relationship and save you both from unintended irrelevant arguments, conflicts and loopholes and make the journey a little less bumpy. She chooses her battle wisely and would rather not engage in any disagreement that is unimportant. She could potentially save you from unneeded emotional roller coasters and handle things maturely. 

9. She ‘ gets it’

She ‘ gets it’

She knows that relationships are complicated. Marriage is one of the biggest steps in anyone’s life. Given that she was married, she has already experienced various life events that you are likely to experience and walk through. Because of this, she would understand your need for personal space and will support you through it because she truly empathizes with you and is not doing it only for the sake of it.

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 10. No hurry to commit

No hurry to commit

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Similarly, she knows that a long term relationship takes effort , patience and persistence to pursue. She is in no hurry to rush thighs and wants to know you well enough before taking the next step. She dated with intention and is here for the long haul. Slow and steady, she is willing to work through it all!  This way, the issues get resolved as soon as they arise.

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