10 Best Time Management Strategies

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Best Time Management Strategies. Are you someone who feels like they are wasting time? Well you are not the only one. Even when we are taught to be productive since childhood being productive is hard and no matter how many times you tell yourself that you will be productive tomorrow it just never seems to be possible and hence you keep on wasting time. If you struggle to manage your time and fail to complete task within time, “Time never stops for anyone” remember that saying? It is efficiently quite true.

Being productive, managing tasks, completing tasks on time, having time for leisure and maintain sleep cycle too indeed sounds like a tough job to do but the end results are extremely helpful for no one else but you. If you have talent and caliber but do not showcase it and end up being lazy it is not just wasting of talent it is wasting of time too.

Top 10 Time Management Strategies

Time management skills are something many people lack nowadays or at least struggle with. In this fast-paced world being able to do everything leaves no time for yourself and you end up being mentally frustrated or stressed. Having time to relax and sleep is as important as utilizing it. And prioritizing work over other things is as bad as not working but wasting time. If you feel you are overworked or workaholic and have no time for other things or have all the time in the world but struggle with coping up with working here is a list of strategies you can incorporate in your life to become more time efficient: –

1. Make a time table/schedule

Make a time table/schedule

This is an old-school practice we are being taught since we were kids that is make and maintain a timetable. Remember how our class schedule used to fixed and we never had a hassle? It is because our classes were fixed subject and time wise which made it easier for teachers and students. We use this technique even in our day to day life now we can have a much more hassle-free life. If you do not have time and space to carry a journal and pen everywhere with you there are numerous apps where you can make a time-table and it even reminds you about their timings.

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2. Follow your schedule promptly

Follow your schedule promptly

Making a schedule is a different thing but having to maintain is sometimes disappointing. You feel out grown and bored having to follow same schedule every day. To avoid this, turn off add fun activities in schedule draw, mediate, play sports etc. when you have few hours to yourself or if you do not feel like doing something which requires much attention watch a movie or listen music. Also, make little changes here and there once a while in your schedule to not have a problem with repetition of tasks daily.

3. Make sure to add time for yourself

Make sure to add time for yourself

If your schedule consists of meeting and work hours only you are not doing it right. Even if you give your family some time it is necessary that you have time for yourself too! Many people just run behind deadlines to cover and then are left with nothing for themselves. To make sure you are not of them have time for yourself, you deserve a breakthrough too. Constantly working not only affects you mentally but it has physicals affects too like headaches, weak eyesight and back problem if you sit continuously for hours. Having time for your self does not include doing something always sometimes just chilling alone while having tea or coffee works too just balance out time and you will even improve in working as your mind gets refreshed.

4. Fixed sleep schedule

Fixed sleep schedule

‘Early to bed, early to rise’ as the famous saying already suggests doing so, ever wondered why? Well there is a scientific theory behind it. It is suggested to sleep early and wake up early too because your mind is a mechanism that is continuously working no matter what. Your brain requires peace to function at its full capacity. By sleeping on time, you also wake up early and it is proven that your brain is most active in morning as you wake up after a sound sleep and your gets to relax a bit too. If you sleep late and wake up late the next morning not only your brain gets pushed to its limit but you also waste the next day as you woke up late.

5. Make sure you optimize your full day

Make sure you optimize your full day

For example, if you only work continuously for hours in morning and complete the tasks early then continue to spend the rest of the day sleeping, this is not a schedule. If you just have energy outburst and focus on completion of work it is not really good time management. Deadline are given for a reason, utilize your day and even if you complete your tasks before time spend the extra time judiciously. And if some work took more time than planned then make sure cover the task that was planned after it.

6. Limit your procrastinating habits

Limit your procrastinating habits

Everyone gets tired or lazy to a point where you do not want to complete work or even move. But procrastination only leads to extra work burden you would have to finish later as you wasted the time meant for completing it. Listen to motivational videos of successful people and learn through them how they worked on their procrastination habits as learning from the best will give you optimum results. Finding out root cause for your procrastination will also help in getting rid of them search for answers when and why you are procrastinating. If solving root cause does not help then look into other aspects like how many hours did you sleep and is your diet full of rich fiber and protein? Because these things play an important role as well. Eating too much junk food makes you lazy and restless.

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7. Plan accordingly

Plan accordingly

No one knows your limits better than you so, to make best out of your schedule start planning accordingly. Prioritize task that require more attention in morning and plan time limit accordingly if you spend hours on something that is not even that time consuming you would have to work faster on things that require patience and time. Set bars and understand what is time consuming and know how much time a particular thing will take you to complete and plan systematically. But do not push your limits to achieve something while it is good to work hard often pushing your limits can lead to overworking and no time for yourself even.

8. Mark important events on calendar

Mark important events on calendar

By marking important events on calendar not only helps you in remembering them but also will remind you to plan things before and after it strategically as events like wedding or parties can be tiring it is important you include a proper rest for yourself. This way you also get to know how much you should complete before as you might not get to complete it on those dates specifically. Marking events even helps in planning your month beforehand, by getting to know the number of holidays required, festivals and meetings; you will have extra time to plan and execute things.

9. Maintain at-the-end of day reviews

Maintain at-the-end of day reviews

If you keep a regular check on how you spent your day it will help you in getting to know your day better. Know where you waste your time, hours spend working and how much time it took you specially to complete and regulate the work. This way you also self-realize your own schedule which will help in planning the next day’s schedule more focused and sparingly. Also, maintaining journals or diary is a very underrated but good hobby this way you get to write about your whole day and even can flip through easily to know what you did at a specific day or month.

10. Do not focus on useless things

 Do not focus on useless things

With aspects like social media it is quite easy to fell for them spend hours on them forgetting and maintaining your schedule. This type of distractions not only hinder your work but if you fall for them on daily basis, they can be addicting which leads to distortion of self’s abilities too since they are getting waste on distractions. Instead of failing for them as a prey use them as little as possible. Also, social media can be sometimes extremely toxic which is not good for you.

This sort of toxicity makes you question your own abilities and then after a while you start getting unfocused from priorities and take questioning yourself to an extreme level thus later being unproductive. But if you use social for the good you will observe positive changes in you as well so, focus on good and right things before getting distracting due to other that can be potentially as distracting as rest making you unproductive.

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