Which Exercise Is Best For Brain?

In this article we are going to talk about the Which exercise is best for brain? A human brain is the most important organ of the human body. It is like the Central Processing Unit of our body. Without a brain there is no existence of human world. A brain is the central nervous system of our body. Our mind does thousands of activities in a day. All feelings, emotions, thinking process is stored in our mind. We do many exercises to keep our body fit. Just like our body, brain also need some exercise to remain fit and refresh. These exercises help you to keep your mind healthy and fit.

Which exercise is best for brain?

There are millions of exercises and techniques to keep your brain fit. The following points will undoubtedly help you to keep your mind refreshed and relaxed. So, here are the top 10 exercises that are good for your brain health.

1. Do meditation

Do meditation

Meditation helps you to provide relaxation and peace to your body. In current hectic world the importance of meditation increases too much. Meditation isolates you from the world and takes you to some another sphere where no one is there. You should do meditation regularly if you not doing continuously then it will not helpful. Research also proves that a person who regularly do meditation have more relax, sharp and healthy brain. A meditation eliminates all your tension and stress. It is very helpful to increasing the concentration power. It also helps you to focus on your present. Meditation is very beneficial in diseases like cancer, asthma, high blood pressure, depression, sleep problems and anxiety. It is always seen that a person who do meditation always remain calm, stress free and feels great.

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2. Physical exercise

Physical exercise

We all do physical exercise to keep our body fit and fine. Another benefit of doing physical exercise that it also keeps our mind fresh. Exercise increase our memory power. It also sharps the thinking skills. Doing physical exercises also reduce our stress and change our mood. Many experiments found that a person who regularly do physical exercises have more thinking power and long-lasting memory. You can do as many exercises you can like walking, skipping, stair climbing, dancing etc. Always remember one thing household activities like floor mopping also considered as physical activity. That’s why women are more fit than the men. So, if you are not doing exercise, Start immediately. It will help you a lot. It not only keeps your body fit but also keep your mind fresh and relaxed.

3. Explore and learn something new

Explore and learn something new

If you love to explore new things then it is definitely sure that you have a healthy brain. Learning something new enhance our skills and increase our brain power. You can explore the place, city, country. Exploring the new place creates a sense of joy and happy feelings in your mind. You can also learn something new to sharpen your mind. Learning a new thing helps you to make strong memory power. There are many things in the world which you can learn like repairing the car, household things, new programming software. Doing something extra from your regular routine will definitely refresh your mind.

4. Quality sleep

Quality sleep

 You need sleep every day. Night is made for your sleep. All your tiredness can be vanishing by sleep. Sleep recharge your body and mind. A quality sleep of short time is always better. When you go to the bed for sleep just forget everything. It recharges your mind and makes ready for the next day. Lack of proper sleep disturb your mind and also stop functioning. Your thinking capacity will stop if you do not take a proper sleep. A fact says that if a person not sleep from last 20 days then it can cause death. A proper sleep helps you to stay away from many diseases of mind also. If you take a proper sleep, it will keep you refresh, relax and tension free. A quality sleeps makes your battery fully charged for the next day activities and increase your thinking powers, memory and sharp your brain.

5. Play Brain Games

Play Brain Games

Playing games like sudoku, solving puzzles, chess and riddles is also very helpful for brain. These types of games help to sharpen our brain. It improves our thinking ability. We should try to play these types of games in our leisure time. Games are like a challenge. Our brain becomes sharper when we try to play these types of challenging games. It is scientific proven that these types of games are always beneficial for your mind and are the best exercise for our brain. Games like crosswords, matching pair cards, jigsaw puzzles not only relax your mind but also sharp your mind.

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6. Listening Music

 Listening Music

Listening music also have positive effect on our brain. It reduces stress level and anxiety. It refreshes our mind. Listening music proves to be a best exercise for our brain. Listening music relax your mind. There is different type of music like jazz, classical, rock n roll, hip hop which makes us feel energetic. Some people have habit to listen music while doing any work. Music has some unique power. It infuses the positive vibes in our mind. Music makes you optimistic, energetic and happy. You see many people when they are listening songs, they forget everything. They generally go into music world. Music increase your confidence to the next level. It makes your mood happy and please your mind. Music has power to energize your mind.

7. Reading Books

Reading book

Books are best friends. Reading books also makes our mind active. It helps to gain knowledge. Books are of different types such as motivational books, autobiography, story books etc. We should develop a habit of reading books in leisure time. Reading makes our brain sharp. It makes a person knowledgeable. It is the best exercise for our brain. It expands our vocabulary. It reduces our stress level. Reading improves our thinking ability. It helps to develop positivity. It helps to develop an optimistic approach. Parents should develop the habit of reading in their children from the childhood.

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8. Interact with people

 Interact with people

Meeting with new people and making interaction with them is also very helpful for our brain. When we interact with people then we get to know about their thoughts, perspective, experience etc. Interaction is a process in which one person share his/her thoughts, feelings, ideas with another person. Our brain becomes active during interaction. Interacting with people is also exercises our brain. Socializing with people relax your mind. We should not reserve ourselves. We should try to make friends so that we can learn something new from them.

9. Give free time to your hobbies

Give free time to your hobbies

In this busy world we are just stick to the laptop, mobile. We have not time for our hobbies. A hobby is an activity which you do in free time for fun and pleasure. It helps in increasing your efficiency and thinking power. It makes you a passionate person. You should spend and withdraw some time from your busy schedule for hobbies. Some like cooking, dancing, singing, gardening, sketching, writing poems etc. By giving some time to your hobby always relax you. These activities not only help you to learn but also keep your mind refresh. Doing hobby activities are the best exercise for your mind which keeps you happy and stress free.

10. Enhance your vocabulary

Enhance your vocabulary

A rich vocabulary makes you a smarter person than other. A strong vocabulary person is knowledgeable and intelligent. To build your vocabulary just pick up one book and start reading. Now underline the difficult words and write on a white paper. It’s time to find out the meaning of the difficult words from dictionary. Always try to make a routine to learn the word of the Day. It helps you to build a strong vocabulary. Building the vocabulary increase your memory power. If you learn 10 words in a day then in a year you are learning 3650 words in a year which definitely increase your vocabulary skills. A person who have great vocabulary is also very confident. Learn new words is the best exercise for your brain.

Today’s world is known as technology world. This world sees thousands of innovation, invention and experiment. These all are the result of brilliant human minds. There is no limit of human brain. Its thinking capacity in unlimited. But we have to do some exercises to keep our mind refresh, relax, sharp and smart. We all know about genius like Albert Einstein, we and this genius have two hands, two leg one mouth and also one brain.

But the main difference is the thinking capability and capacity. He regularly sharp his minds, try to find the answers of his query, learn something new which makes him genius. Human mind is a storage of our feelings, emotions and ideas. It helps to deal with day to day activities. It provides the inputs in sudden bad situations. So, it is our duty to do the proper maintenance of the brain. Here we talk about the best 10 exercises for brain which sharp your mind and also relax your mind.

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