How Can I Improve My English Speaking Skill At Home Fast?

In this article we are going to talk about the How can I improve my English speaking skill at home fast? People who are in the beginner phase of learning English feel that it is impossible to learn spoken English without a professional tutor and feel that they have to roam places to find good tutors, interact with native English speakers, and whatnot.

How can I improve my English speaking skill at home fast?

This article will break all the stereotypes and tell you the top 10 easiest, effective and practical tips to improve your spoken English. So without any further delay let’s get started.

1. Watch English video content

Watch English video content

In the present age of social media, people often complain about social media addiction, mobile addiction, video addiction but is that addiction if you use social media platforms to your use? Next time you open an app like Youtube, Instagram, or Netflix instead of watching all those funny reels, short videos and popular web series try watching a short animated movie on Youtube, a short documentary on Netflix, and an informative long video on IGTV which is recorded on the English language. The content you start watching initially do not have to be hardcore English language, if you love comedy, watch English stand-up comedy, if you love romance watch English romantic movie.

It depends upon you, change your social media addiction and binge-watching behavior into a  productivity hack that can help you to improve your English listening skills, you will learn English phrasing if you turn on the subtitles while watching a movie. The main purpose of this tip is to start learning this language with enjoyment and only when you enjoy the process of learning, you will start loving the thing and eventually get better at it.

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2. Watch English sports commentary/podcasts

Watch English sports commentary/podcasts

If you are someone who loves sports such as football, cricket, basketball then from the next time you watch the live match, turn up the volume and listen to the sports commentary as well. As you might know that English commentators have one of the best fluency in English, listen to their commentary and try to understand and note down the new words you discover and how the sentences are being used.

If you are someone who loves to listen to the interviews of your favorite celebrity then an English podcast is one of the most effective techniques to improve your spoken English. The podcast is both interesting as well as informative. Open Youtube and watch podcasts or open Spotify and listen to audio podcasts and enjoy the story of your favorite celebrity and try to understand their language as well, wouldn’t that be great if you could speak English like your favorite host or the celebrity that you admire?  Isn’t it fun as well?

3. Read high school English short stories

Read high school English short stories

If you are someone who learns something fast by reading then pick up your English textbooks from your school that you once studied, you will find many short stories that are meant to be on those books to improve your English and it is simple as well, read those short stories, exercise with those last questions that are available after each chapter of that textbook. This process is easy, fun, and will refine your sentence structuring in English and along with that when you open your English book and revisit them I am damn sure that you will revisit some of your sweetest childhood memories in school, Isn’t that wonderful to revisit your childhood once again?

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4. Read novels, biographies, and comics

Read novels, biographies, and comics

If you are struggling and feeling overwhelmed to learn English then start with English comic books, it will be fun, conversational, and easy.

If you understand basic English and know how to write easily but when it comes to speaking English you are fearful then you should try reading biographies for starters,  in biographies the author of the book is basically narrating a real-life story on someone’s incidents and narration is a great skill to learn to improve peaking in English.

If you love reading long romantic stories, thrillers, sci-fi then starts reading novels on these topics and keep a target of reading one novel per week. No! It is not difficult to complete 1 book per week, give it a try.

5. Create an online practice group on social media

Create an online practice group on social media

Again we are going to utilize social media for our benefit. Your next goal is to start practicing what you learned till now… Either it’s Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, write a post on Instagram and Social media about your goal and ask people who might be interested to practice English communication.

I guarantee when you have the attitude of learning a new skill many people will come forward and when it comes to English speaking you will find many like-minded people like you who have the same goal and are at the same or similar level as you are, start interacting with them and create a group with the agenda to practice speaking English. People often have a misconception that in social media everything is fake which is not true, if you are looking to learn something new, making real friends is very easy and effective except you are making a booty call at 2 AM in the morning…

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6. Start practicing English communication

Start practicing English communication

Once you are done with tip number 5 and have friends on social media, start a video call on platforms like Whatsapp, Zoom, and Google meet according to your comfort. The calls can be somedays conference call where all of you are participating in a political or social debate in English, and sometimes you will be engaged on a one to one call, only two person in a call just discussing their day, Favourite web series, relationship in the English language. This activity of practice will help you in two ways, 1st you will learn to interact with new people, 2nd you will be more confident in speaking English and hence, your anxiety to speak English will decrease dramatically.

7. Talk to yourself in front of the mirror

Talk to yourself in front of the mirror

This is one of the best tips to spot your mistakes and rectify them fast. This activity of talking to yourself in front of a mirror might seem awkward in the beginning but after a period of time, you will be comfortable with regular practice. Do you know that actors practice their monologues on a mirror for weeks and months before going to auditions or shoot? This tip will not only improve your speaking skills in English but also improve your body language and facial expressions. That is why actors rehearse their dialogues in front of mirrors. Just speak to yourself in front of the mirror for 10 minutes about your day or today’s goals.

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8. Record yourself

Record yourself

This one tip is similar to tip number 7 but the difference here is you can pay special attendance on your recording. Let our know-how. Pick up your smartphone or mobile phone and start speaking about any topic that you want to, speak for about 10 minutes and then stop recording. Now listen to your speech multiple times and spot your error. Warning! Listening to your own voice is really funny, but it’s effective to improve and rectify your errors in speaking.

For starters talk about some topics that are already available online. For example, someone who spoke about starting an enterprise, can prepare your own speech record yourself and start rectifying your grammatical errors by comparing the video that is available online. How did they use this phrase? What new words did they use and how they are putting it in a sentence? How can I improve my sentence structuring like him?  In this process, you will definitely improve and become 10x better than your present position. Slowly start progressing to speaking on any random topics and try improving your speech from the recording.

9.  Use English improvement apps and websites

Use English improvement apps and websites

It is said that the best investment that a person can make is investing in themselves. Subscribing to paid premium apps that help you to speak better communicator through English. Apps like family, Duolingo, and many more apps offer premium service to help you improve your English communication. These apps will connect you with some native English speakers who will be your mentor and their job will be to help you to speak English better. When you put money on something, you will always expect a return on investment and this is what tip number 9 is about. Once your brain has invested some money, your brain will want to see results faster.

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10. Focus on body language

Focus on body language

People often feel that having a great vocabulary and a good accent are the pillars of spoken English! Which is not true. Try watching a podcast or interview of your favorite celebrity, observe in that video if their vocabulary and accent are the game-changers. In the majority of the cases, you will notice that the key ingredient of their phenomenal skill so speaking English is their body language. Yes! This is true. Their confidence, humility, open body language is the pillar to their communication skill.

Try to have an open body structure when you are speaking, keep your shoulders wide, hands open, body slightly open and flexible, and not rigid and close. When the second person feels that you are interested in listening, responding politely, and have nice body language, people will neglect your English speaking skills. You will notice that you are speaking English at a very simple level, you are using common and frequent words but your body language is impressing the 2nd person. Please work on this skill. “Body Language”. Best teacher to teach body language? The answer is  “Your favorite actors”.

Bonus Tip: If you are struggling in learning to speak in English then don’t be demotivated, if your mother tongue is Hindi, French, Spanish, or any other language in this world, it is perfectly ok to start from scratch now. Every language is beautiful.

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