What Are The Things That Make Our Life Happy?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the things that make our life happy? Who doesn’t want to be happy? Everybody wants to be happy in their life. As for me, happiness is a choice. We need to choose everyday for living our life meaningfully and thoughtfully. Being happy depends on our mind-set. Also, how you take up every situation whether you consider it as positive or negative also matters a lot. We people always tend to think that we have no control over our happiness and we blame it on our situation for being bad . But this is a wrong perception.

Being happy or not is always in our hands. How we react to a particular situation is very important. My suggestion is to not allow anybody or any other situation to take control of your mood or personality. Instead, you should be able to control them in order to be happy and peaceful.

What are the things that make our life happy?

Here are 10 things that makes our life happy. Happiness is a fulfilling feeling that we that is very essential and Is a sign of how much we are enjoying each and every moment of her life. It acts as a source of inspiration and motivation that urges us to make the best use of this life without wasting it.

1. Having caring people around

Having caring people around

As we all know that man is a social animal. We need to socialise in order to lead a normal life. There is no bigger thing that you can make for yourself other than gaining people in our life. We need people who talks to us, listens to us, take care of us. Any problem can be solved when we have a strong people who supports us in any situation. We need people to inspire and motivate us daily. We tend to feel lonely sometimes, but we can overcome all of our difficulties and problems when we have a strong support system. We need family to feel oneness in them and to spend time with them, to help us in difficult circumstances etc. we need friends to share our feelings and thoughts. So when we have right people around us, we automatically will be happy.

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2. Not comparing with others

2.  Not comparing with others

 Comparison is the major factor which leads to sadness and makes us feel          unworthy. So if we want to have a happy life then we should not compare us with anybody. We need to understand that everybody’s life is different. Everybody go through different circumstances in their . Instead of comparing with others, we should need to focus on improving our strength. My main suggestion is to compare yourself with your past self instead of others. It will help you to know more About your strength and weakness. This will help to gain knowledge of where you should keep your focus on. This helps for our improvement when we improve and succeed your in our  life, we will be obviously happy and also our environment will be free from ego and competition.

3. Not going behind  Money

3. Not going behind  Money

Money has become an important factor in this generation especially. So we can see people running towards money, leaving behind and not valuing the relationship in our lives. As for me, money is a temporary factor. We should earn money, but also we should make sure that we give enough time for our family, friends, et cetera and one should put efforts more on gaining people and gaining experience. If we go behind money, we tend to forget to enjoy our life instead of living in the present we start to worry about the past or future. In order to be happy we should always live in the moment. So we should always make sure to keep our efforts in gaining more knowledgeable perspective towards the world instead of falling behind the money. So this words make life happy.

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4. Pursuing Passion

Pursuing Passion

We always have interest or habits other than our regular job or work. Passion is something that keeps us motivated to live the life love . We will be more happy if we do what we love. If a person has the opportunity to lead a life by pursuing his passion, he or she will be more contented instead of working in the job that neither motivates us, nor  provide us any opportunity to grow in the in our life.

Though passion doesn’t provide us living in the initial phase, gradually we can earn a living by our passion. So we will be satisfied that we are doing the job we enjoy and are more interested about, through which will be able to earn income as well. Not many of us get this opportunity, but we should make sure to provide ourselves with this opportunity in order to lead a happy life.

5. Think positive

 Think positive

As we discussed earlier that happiness always depends on our mind-set, so make sure to be optimistic in our life. We will have a choice in any situation to choose between and to  take up the situation in either a positive or negative way. If we focus only on negative aspect, then it will surely impact our thoughts. So instead of any only recognising negative things, we should start seeing good and positive aspects in every situation. Every happy person has a view of optimistic vision. We should enjoy each and everyday and be grateful for those persons as well as things that are helping in our life to cope up with any situation. So when we change our vision, is when we start to enjoy our life and be happy.

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6. Learn to accept our imperfections

Learn to accept our imperfections

Everybody in this world has their own flaws, imperfection, problem, et cetera. Nobody is as perfect as they seem. Sometimes we will not be satisfied by our looks, our personality our economic status, or our job, etc. No matter what, we will be unsatisfied in one or the other way. So we need to understand this and we should accept our flaws and imperfections. We should also learn to identify our weakness and should word start work towards it to improve it further. According to me, perfectionism is a myth. Nobody can be perfect in this world, so we should make sure that we don’t go behind it. Accepting our flaws and imperfections boosts our confidence and prepares us to face the world without being afraid of being judged.

7. Enjoy little things

Enjoy little things

Due to our busy life schedule , we doesn’t give much attention to small details in our life or we just don’t recognize them, but this little things will make a large difference in our lives . Only a few will make efforts to notice these things, let us be one of them. We must acknowledge that this life is a blessing, and we should. Be grateful for these things and should not take them for granted. Celebrate and say how good was the meal, appreciate others for their efforts in life, enjoy a good weather while sipping a cup of coffee, tell others how their  help made your day, be kind towards strangers or simply smile at them whenever you see them, recognize and write down how grateful you are for this life, etc. These things will not bring a positive aspect in our life, but also makes us happy.

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8. Don’t plan

Don’t plan

Contrary to the conception where we should plan our life and work according to that what I am saying here is that, to  not plan your life. You don’t have to be strict towards yourself. As we know life is a short span of time we must make use of it wisely while living in the moment and enjoying it because planning puts so much pressure on us that doesn’t allow us to enjoy the present situation. If the plan doesn’t work out according to our hope, then again that disappointment lowers our confidence level, leading to sadness. So therefore we must take life as it comes and we should not worry much about ourselves in life. We can be happy if we worry less and when we don’t take much stress and anxiety.

9. Not to keep grudges

Not to keep grudges

One way where you can make yourself free and calm is when you let go of anything that’s causing you a problem. We have to let go of those grudges if we’re holding towards others since years. If we continue to keep them, they bring us anger, regret and sadness. So if we want to be happy, then we should be ready to let go of them and move on in our life. Try to solve those issues and you should come to an conclusion and so that you can end them as soon as possible. Letting go doesn’t only makes us feel free and happy, but also strengthens our relationship with others, so letting go benefits you as well as others also. So this is one of the important thing that you should do in your life if you want to be happy.

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10. Help others

Help others

Decreasing of humanity among us is one of the major problem in today’s generation. We can solve this issue by taking small steps within us. Helping others will definitely makes changes in others life, at least for a little amount. It brings a sense of satisfaction and we starts to feel better about ourselves. Helping the poor, assisting in providing education, giving donations to NGO’s and charities, empathize with others, always listen to them, be a go to person for others, help someone to cope up with their life, appreciate them, take care of them, etc. Helping can done in a lot more ways, so never feel shy to help others. If you see a smile when you help them, then that’s what the real happiness means according to me.

So here are the top 10 things that  make our  life happy .

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