Why Is Reading So Important For A Child?

In this article we are going to talk about the Why is Reading so Important for a Child? The mind of a child is like a sponge. It absorbs the things they see, hear and learn daily and they try to form their own understanding of it. reading is one of the best methods to inculcate good qualities in a child. As the slow interplay between the characters unfold in the kids head his cognitive and intellectual ability is rising. The words that they see are turned to beautiful imagery in their brains boosting the creativity big time. From learning how to converse to building a strong independent character, the reading habit plays a huge part to a still developing child. Investing a book on a child could be life changing to them, as well the world.

Why is Reading so Important for a Child?

Reading is a must have skill for children to ensure their complete development intellectually and emotionally. Provide kids with the right books and they would be changing the world tomorrow. Find out the top 10 importance of reading for a child below.

1. Creativity Builder

Creativity Builder

The train that arrives at 9  platform taking muggles to the magical realm, the rabbit hole through which little Alice falls into a fantasy world and even the thrilling and exciting adventures of the famous five cousins and their pet had at Kirrin cottage puts children in a mood of wild energy full of artistry and imagination. Books and the words within them have the power to transport a child to anywhere he wants to be through the writings.  By reading books a child will never limit themself. There are many mysteries and possibilities to be unlocked for him. The creativity helps him in thinking differently than his peers. The world needs more out of the box thinkers and reading helps in such a thinking process. Children would develop amazing imagery skills that would help them to form many solutions to problems they face.

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2. Knowledge Partner

Knowledge Partner

A book is a wonderful teacher. Silent but powerful none the less. Kids could learn so much from reading. Reading newspaper daily gives the child a glimpse of how the adult world works. He or she will be having general knowledge and an idea of current affairs of their country and foreign nation as well. The GK once learned will be beneficial always. The child will have the right idea about what is wrong and what is right. By reading one learns about different cultures all around the globe. They would be very wise for their age. Reading habits help the brain to connect the cause and effect much faster of any phenomenon. Especially when reading skills are developed from a very young age, the children develop amazing analytical power.

3. Communication Skill Booster

Communication Skill Booster

Reading is an excellent communication skill booster. The vocabulary of children will improve. Kids who have a habit of reading early on will display more fluency in speaking. Through reading one can develop good language skills. Learning is always easier at a young age, so make sure that children read enough to inculcate good communication skills. Reading teaches a kid how to interact with people in any social setting. the correct structuring of sentences when speaking is an important characteristic for a good orator. This skill is achieved by reading lots of materials. There would always be something to talk about to others, making the child special and popular. Listening is an important element in communication. Reading regularly improves the concentration levels in children and therefore their listening capacity as well.

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4. Boredom Buster

Boredom Buster

Reading is the perfect activity when you are bored. It relaxes you and kills time in a productive way. Through reading a child can have many types of adventures all in the safety of their homes. A good book is like a wonderful and loyal friend, always with you. Reading gives comfort to kids who are lonely, keeping them entertained always. While reading the child’s imagination takes them to different scenes, meets different people, save the world and many more. They create their own imagery in their heads as there is no video like in the case of movies and series. Depending upon their moods they can choose any book to read. Reading has gotten more easier now with availability of e- Books for free.

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5. Life Advices

Life Advices

Many things in life cannot be taught, especially life lessons. No amount of scolding and physical punishments can teach how to be alert in life. Reading is the best way for a young boy or girl to understand the consequences of their decisions, without having a verbal fight with them. Kids are also very headstrong in nature; they don’t like to be coerced into doing something. Stories of the fox in the sheep skin to the classic novels like Jane Eyre all have to offer life lessons. Through intricate and beautiful words, the reality of life is conveyed directly to the mind of children.

Whether it is to never accept a stranger’s chocolate or to avoid wasting food, the message is effectively understood by children through stories. Reading quality books give a realistic perspective to children in life. Through reading one can learn how to cope up with losses, grief and regret which are quite alien topic for young kids. Children get an idea on how to make friends to deal with bullying. There are also many self- help books that they could use to improve any aspect about themselves.

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6. Travel partner

Travel partner

A book is a first- class air ticket to anywhere you want to be. There is no place that a book cannot take you. Through reading one can move across the oceans, explore the space and beyond without lifting a finger. Through reading travelogues, fictional journeys to exotic locations children develop an affinity to exploring and adventure. Also, Through reading, they learn about the different cultures, languages, traditions and other social and political environment of the different countries. Kids learn geography much easily through stories and travel accounts than actual class lessons. When reading we are carried away to another place or dimension along with the protagonist as well as the antagonist, so there is no feeling of loneliness while reading.

7. Writing Skills

Writing Skills

Reading from a young age is the best way to develop writing skills. The different genres of reading materials have distinct tones. It takes a good reader to identify even the subtle differences in the writing style of the author and to use the same when they are writing. Reading expands the vocabulary of children; they no longer have to depend on the same set of terms and phrases to make a point. Writing would come naturally to them. This skill would be highly useful for their academic exams as well. There is also a continuous flow of ideas when writing creatively. Words don’t have to be forced out of them at all.

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8. Character builder problem solving

 Character builder problem solving

The overall development of a child can be attained through reading. Personal character of a person is developed at a very young age. Mentoring and guiding can help kids identify the right qualities to have through aid of reading stories or real- life accounts. They can distinguish between what is morally and ethically accepted and what is not by reading a lot. Reading instills qualities such as integrity, loyalty, patience and honesty through the stories real or fictional. The children have only a limited understanding of what is emotional pain and sadness.

Reading therefore gives them or rather takes them through the grief of another person. Thus, empathy and consideration can be instilled in children from a very young age. They could have a better understanding of what others could be going through and can be compassionate towards them. Such qualities cannot be consistent if they are forced into a child. But if the they willingly learn through examples in books and reading, the kids would never forget.

9. Love for Learning

Love for Learning

Reading of course also helps in academics for a child. The love for reading can inculcate the patience to finish a book. This trait helps them to study more. Reading references, supplementary materials etcetera could be done only by a book lover. Hence, they can perform much better. Kids who have developed reading as a habit find it easier to comprehend even tough subjects in the later stage. They always stay curious. Their inquisitiveness is satisfied by further reading. The more a person reads the more questions and doubt he has and the learning cycle repeats. Regular reading also helps to boost the memory capacity and power.

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10. Reading to Self-Reflect

Reading to Self-Reflect

The different characters a child comes across while reading influence their goals and dreams. Children want to be like them in the future when they grow up. They form an understanding about themselves. By reading kids get to experience the life of an adult as well. The career choice they would prefer to have, the innate talents they have can all be understood better by them. They form ambitions and starts to find ways to reach the end goal. Many children have role models from books they have read before. Countless successful personalities have attributed their success to the books that they have read during childhood. Gifting children book could be your way of returning back to the world.

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