How To Fall Asleep Quickly At Night?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to fall asleep quickly at night? Sleep is extremely important for any human being as an Irish proverb even states “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” Sleep not only relaxes your brain but also cools down your whole body, it gives your brain some time to take a break. Our brain is the organ that keeps working every minute whether we are working or sitting idle, all reflexes are controlled by it and sleep is the only time where it gets to cool down. But sleep is not necessary for our brain only, if we are well rested, we ourselves work efficiently.

Although nowadays people do not take their sleep schedule properly, they spend their nights either working late, watching movies or stay awake whole night even. For a fresh start next day proper amount of sleep is necessary but issues like stress and insomnia make it problematic and, in this way, people suffer with feeling lethargic and tired all the time which impacts their thinking, creativity and decision-making abilities as well.

How to fall asleep quickly at night?

Doctors suggest for healthy mind and body kids should sleep for 9 – 12 hours as proper sleep amount is required for their development in this age whereas adults should sleep for 7 – 9 hours per day. However, it is observed most adults only sleep for 5 hours at night and this leads to many health problems that could be prolong as well such as – Heart disease, Heart attack, Heart failure, Irregular heartbeat, High blood pressure, Stroke and Diabetes. Along with this you even suffer mentally with illnesses like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. After reading the drawbacks if you wish to change your sleep cycle below listed are few ways to do so: –

1. Meditate


The foremost and easiest way is meditation. Through this practice not only you will relax your full body before sleeping but also reduce stress levels by eliminating stressful thoughts which will lead to a sound sleep and radiate positive thoughts as well. meditation for even 5 – 10 minutes has several benefits one of them being help in better sleep schedule with a calm mind. Simple and light meditation techniques before bed can even improve your thinking abilities and concentration. The more you meditate the more your mind’s abilities are enhanced.

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2. Read books

Read books

Many people have this habit since their childhood as their dadi or nani (grandmothers) should to narrate them stories before sleeping, did you wonder why? Because reading books before bed helps you shift your mind from the activities you did throughout the day or divert your mind from tension to focusing on the book that you can enjoy before bed. Once you pick up this habit you, yourself get addicted to it you will find yourself thinking about what will happen next in story or wait for the twist which will make you pick up the book every night to finish the story.

3. Listen to peaceful music

 Listen to peaceful music

If you are someone who has trouble sleeping straight to bed try listening to music. Music that is slow paced helps you sleep and listening to soft and slow songs before sleep leads you to have happier dreams as well. If you do not like listening a full-on song you can try listening to instrumental songs or natures music like recording of pouring rain or birds chirping this way you also feel as if you are closer to nature providing an escape from busy cities. There are audios available where one can meditate while listening music that is equally benefitting as well in this scenario. 

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4. Journaling


Going to bed with 10 things running in your mind makes you think about them in bed which cause loss of sleep and thus you end up overthinking and being stressed out. So, a solution to this problem is maintaining a journal. Maintaining a journal and venting things out in it also helps you keep mental peace as you are sharing your problems and letting things out of your mind or heart which also improves sleep efficacy along with better mental health. It also lets you be creative with your diary, avoid using online journals though as it defeats our purpose. If not a writing journal then one can opt for picture or sketch journal as well, it will keep you engaged and help divert your mind as well.

5. Taking a shower

Taking a shower

Showering before bed is another practice to calm your mind and body before sleeping. Showering with hot or lukewarm water calms your whole body and relaxes your brain due to this you feel relaxed and at peace that enhances your sleep efficiency. It is suggested after a long day everyone should take a shower as it calms one’s nerves. If you have more time in your hand then use Epsom salt while taking a bath it has calming properties that will be benefiting for your mental health well being too.

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6. Aromatherapy


Many people try aromatherapy nowadays since it calms your body and mind. According to Healthline ‘Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It enhances both physical and emotional health’ this way you sleep better and perform better as well in your day to day life. Aromatherapy products include specific made candles, roll – on, pillow spray and air diffuser to name few. This technique is affective for people who want to de – stress themselves along with improving sleep cycle.

7. Be active throughout the day

Be active throughout the day

If you actively work the whole day and keep your busy at night you are ought to fall asleep due to all the tiredness. And if you do a lot work promptly your brain will automatically signal you that it need rest in ways like a headache that will alert you to take a break and sleep. When your body alerts you to sleep you would not have wait for it either. So, exercise, do yoga, work, perform tasks where activity of brain is kept engage for a better command over sleep. Doing yoga in morning will also help in betterment for all over purposes the combo of yoga with meditation improves your health and boosts productivity. Even simple yoga asanas will make you feel overall relieved.

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8. Maintain a routine

Maintain a routine

If you train your body automatically when to sleep and wake up you will make a routine out of it. Sleep on time for 10 – 15 days and once you make it a habit you will find yourself sleepy around the particular time after some days indication you have developed a routine and become prone to it. This also helps in being productive throughout the day that will tend to have impact on your sleep cycle. You can seek online routine maker or ideas to start a routine as making a routine can get a little tough in the starting.

9. Do not use your electronics

Do not use your electronics

Eliminate the use of phone, laptop or tv before sleeping as they are highly distracting which will make you hooked to them. Practice not using your phone for at least an hour before bed this way you maintain a distance from it as a routine and not think about using it on your bed awaiting to be asleep. Along with it do not binge watch movies and having midnight snacks, watching movies before night or all night long makes you have negative thoughts that leads to bad sleeping patterns and trouble having sleep.

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10. Do not consume caffeine

Do not consume caffeine

Having caffeine is a big no before bed as consuming it wakes you feel energized and more awake which is something you do not want to feel when you plan on sleeping. Doctors suggest not having caffeine at least 4 hours before going to bed. But if you want to have something calming before bed try jasmine and chamomile tea, a cup of either of these is very helpful in calming your body which induces sleep.

Having caffeine in large amounts anyway is not considered healthy and is dangerous for our body, disease like ‘atrial fibrillation’ is common among young people who consume energy drinks on daily basis. Sleeping on time not only promotes healthy lifestyle but from within you feel extremely good and energized. From performing better at school/work to improving mood, it has numerous reasons.

Sleeping on time and waking up early also gives you enough time in day to enjoy it. Whereas when you sleep late and wake late you have to drag around your throughout the day with mood swings. At only at night but if you find your self not able to think efficiently, are on medication, travelled far away or have to much workload rest is pretty much needed and people tend to fall asleep in afternoon then, which is okay but if you are someone who can not fall sleep once they have slept in afternoon skip the afternoon sleep. Sleep at the night is need for our well-being.                                                                                                                      

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