10 Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Things to do when you can’t sleep. Sleep is something that is very important for the function of the human body. It acts like a charger that leaves us filled with energy and keeps us refreshing all day. Sleep is very much important for the function of the brain. A sufficient amount of 7 to 8 hour sleep is essential for us to stay active in the day. Sleep is also proven as a immunity boosting. It helps for the overall well being and health of the body.

Sleep also controls the metabolism  rate and also our body weight. Our today’s mood depends upon the quality of sleep  that we had at the last night. Our heart’s health  us also sees variation because of the variation in our sleep pattern. A good night sleep is very important to concentrate on our day to day activities.

If there is a lack of sleep our body starts to deteriorate, It also causes memory issues, mood changes, it weakens our immune system. There is also a major risk of heart disease popping up and our concentration, creativity and problem solving skills aren’t going to be well when we’re not getting enough sleep. As it is also keeps us drowsy all the day, even it might lead to accidents as well. Irregular sleep pattern tends to rise our body weight leading to obesity issues, so a good sleep is very essential to us in order to be healthy physically and mentally as well.

10 Things to do when you can’t sleep

We have discussed the importance of sleep and the problem caused because of lack of sleep above. Though we have learned these things, Some people might can’t sleep because of many reasons. Here’s the list of 10 things to do when you can’t sleep.

1. Meditation


Meditation is one of the most ancient, an effective way of maintaining one’s  health. You can meditate everyday when you wake up in the morning or can start meditating before you go to bed to induce sleep. Meditation not only helps In sleep but also helps in treating other ailments as well. It  brings a sense of inner calmness and concentration in us. It relaxes our  brain as it helps in getting rid of our distracting thoughts which keeps our brain busy, not letting it to calm down.

Stress and anxiety, is also the main reason which doesn’t help us to get the sleep as the thoughts about our  future or past keep coming into our brain  and distracting it from getting to sleep . This can be reduced by the help of meditation. It helps us to focus more.  So start to meditate before 10 to 15 minutes earlier  before you go to bed helps  to get a quality sleep.

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2. Exercising


Exercises are one of the most important factors to keep our body and mind healthy. Our body temperature tend to rise while doing exercises and it automatically drops after the exercise. This is the factor which helps to induce sleep. So doing  regular exercises also keeps our mind busy and also physically fit. Physical exercises helps to maintain a good physical health which helps us to remain happy and thus forms a stress free situation which in turn helps to have a quality sleep.

Not just physical exercises, there are other exercises to help us to induce sleep. There are breathing exercises which involves concentrating and focusing on our breath,. Yogic exercises which involves doing some  yogasanas  to free our body and some stretching exercises etc.. Which really helps us getting a quality sleep by warming up the body. Exercises do help us to build a good habit which is very helpful to keep our mind and body healthy.

3. Brisk walking

Brisk walking

Though  this is one of the topic which comes under the category of exercises, I have taken this topic separately because of its advantages. Every early morning going for a walk for at least 20 to 30 minutes changes our life in a tremendous way. The fresh air that we get early in the morning benefits us in different ways. Just taking a brisk walk is enough for increasing your sleep quality.

The vibe that we get in the morning keeps us calm and patience and helps to focus more on our better well being and also helps to take the decisions wisely as our mind is free from stressful thoughts. We can start to see the positivity happening in our life. You can just take a quick stroll just after the lunch as it improves our digestive system, which helps us to get a good sleep. This is the must try tips to do when you can’t sleep.

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4. Cleaning your room

Cleaning your room

This might sound funny, but this also the important factor to get good sleep. Clean and tidy room helps our mind to relax and feel calm. So if you find yourself difficult to sleep, try cleaning your sleep area. A decluttered room creates  anxiety among us and make us feel uncomfortable, so start with changing the bed sheets, pillow covers, etcetera. as it might contain germs which can cause allergies and do organise any decluttered objects like boxes or accessories in your room and make sure you have a soft mattress as it plays a very important role in inducing sleep and also invest in some good smelling fragrances like lavender which really helps to have sleep. So keeping your environment clean  and cool  which helps in getting a quality sleep. Do try this trick the next time when you can’t sleep.

5. Reading books

Reading books

This is one of the popular thing to do when you can’t sleep. Even reading books also helps to calm down and feel relaxed. So make particular schedule to read the books of your choice before going to bed. Choose the genres  like classical, romantic, motivation, autobiography, et cetera. Set a goal to read at least 10 books per month. Growing this habit increases our intellect and knowledge as well and also helps to get some good sleep. Reading books before you go to bed also increases the chance of getting good dreams, so make sure you cultivate this has your daily habit and make it your daily routine and try to avoid reading  e books as using mobile phone increases the chance of not getting sleep.

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6. Writing journal

Writing journal

This is also one of the best way to induce sleep. You can start writing about  anything. You can write about any ideas or thoughts that comes to your mind Are you can even write down about your dreams. You can even start a gratitude journal and everyday you can write about three things that you’re grateful for today. This also builds a positive attitude among us. Also, you can even try writing to- do list for tomorrow, and by this you can keep yourself prepared for tomorrow’s situations. You can keep a personal dairy and keep recording your life’s moments writing up the negative things that comes to your mind also helps to get rid of those negative thoughts . So even when you are not a writing person, get started with this and you gradually  notice how your sleeps quality increases.

7. Keeping electronic gadgets at bay

Keeping electronic gadgets at bay

Electronic gadgets is making our life easy, but they also are sometimes harmful for us. The radiation that comes from using our mobile phones are harmful to the hormones which will be released for us to get sleep. So never use electronic gadgets, at least 60 minutes before bed and never start a day with mobile phones. The notifications or  the messages do impact us to form stress and anxiety, so turning off all the notification is a way to have more quality sleep. Make sure that your sleeping area(room) is always away from electronic gadgets and try to make space for natural ventilation instead of using fan or AC. These are the things which aid in good sleep.

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8. Listening to soothing music

Listening to soothing music

Music helps us in a lot of ways. Music  is very therapeutic as well. It is also one of the most popular in aiding sleep. Soothing music can help in lowering our heart rate and helps us to relax by reducing stress and anxiety. Make sure to keep a collections of suiting music ready to play when you’re about to go to sleep. Music may not always enrich sleep, but it helps to create an environment which is suitable to provide us the quality sleep. Soothing music can instantly make us comfortable and helps to get ready for the sleep. There are many apps available online which is made only for this so, you can download them and make use of it.

9. Taking hot bath

Taking hot bath

Taking Bath twice a day is healthy to get rid of any germs in our skin, especially for people who are outside of home more often. Hot water bathing is something which really soothes our mind and helps to feel relaxed. Taking hot water bath one to two hours before you go to bed is highly recommended as it calms down our stress and makes us feel warm. Hot water actually helps in changing of his body’s temperature by lowering it, and it also improves blood circulation in our body, taking hot water but triggers our brain to sleepiness and it helps in preparing our body to sleep ready and by this we can experience falling asleep  faster and you can notice the better quality of sleep.

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10. Eat healthy

Eat healthy

Not only following some exercises or hot bath to induce sleep. We must also eat right food to improve our sleep quality. Avoid drinking coffee or tea at least before 1 to 2 hours before the bed time and also make sure to completely avoid junk foods and snacks as it is very unhealthy and causes difficult along with sleeplessness. Start eating things which are rich in melatonin and instead of snacking eat dry fruits , vegetables and fruits which are healthy and keeps our body stable. Eat home cooked foods instead of outside food and we should follow a healthy diet to keep ourselves healthy.

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