10 Questions To Ask A Boy To See If He Loves You

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Questions to ask a boy to see if he loves you. Love, love, love! It is like a sweetest moment one can live through in their life. Filled with extremely delightful, cutesy and emotional moments. If you have ever watched a Bollywood movie you would know how big of a deal it is to have a thrilling love story. Indeed, love is an immensely feelings filled roller coaster. But love is not supposed to be one sided, one sided love can be a fall for someone as it is filled with sorrow, ignorance and pain at times. If not this, then girls fall for manipulative guys who acts like he is the part of match made in heaven for you.

To save yourself from this pity situation it is important to make sure the guy you are falling for is actually in love with you or not. Finding out later that things are not like how they seem could result in bad trauma and utterly haunting situation since you fall for someone bad. But how does one check if the other person loves them or not? Is it intuition? No one should not primarily fall for their intuitions as they could be misguiding and lead you to have a bad relationship.

What are some Questions to ask a boy to see if he loves you?

To have a healthy relationship it should be clear how the other person feels and to make sure this here are 10 questions to ask a boy to see if he loves you: –

1. Do you enjoy hanging out with me?

Do you enjoy hanging out with me?

The basic and foremost question that is very straight forward. If the guy replies in convincing tone that he indeed likes hanging out with you and plans to hangout more is a good way to start to check if he likes meeting you or being around you. Hanging out together often is also a sign since meeting together regularly will bring you two closer and gives a chance to talk more. Hanging out together should compress of talking as the more you talk about each other the views for each other gets clearer too which is a give away too in this situation.

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2. Are you looking for something serious?

2. Are you looking for something serious?

If you plan on looking for something serious it is important to know if he is looking for the same too. Contradicting thoughts on this specific topic would not be very helpful later so make sure you both are on the same page. Level of seriousness for each other should also be cleared out firstly as some boys nowadays do not look for labels and if you see yourself having a family, it is ideal to brief each other how you want things to end up. And if he wants something serious and long term where as you do not both of your behalves should be clear to each other.

3. What are your life plans?

What are your life plans

Now by asking this not only you get an inside of what his career aspirations are but also if he includes you or a family planning in it is important to notice. If his plans are filled with solo trips or working plans there is possibility, he is not either a family man type or just might not believe in concept of marriages or wants to spend time building his career and working on himself. Also, if he looks for stability in life in future is a hint, he wants something solidified and is not going to play around with you or your feelings. Also, if he opens up about his life plans with you this means he is comfortable with you to talk about his personal life.

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4. Your thoughts on patriarchy

Your thoughts on patriarchy

Now this is not something super personal but it is equally important enough to ask. You probably do not want to live rest of your life being limited or bossed around. By asking this and the way he presents his view will help you know for sure what level he holds women, does he think they are self sufficient or should be inside houses doing chores. He does not to be a serious feminist but little things he does or think about women should be in a positive way.

5. Describe me as a person

Describe me as a person

Him describing is a pointer to where this will lead onto, the adjectives he uses for you are keywords for what he actually thinks about. If he does sugarcoat everything and actually shares everything in detail will be a bonus point as he is honest with you at least from starting. Being asked to describe will also provide an image if the bond between you two is just infatuation or something real.

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6. Do you think we understand each other well?

Do you think we understand each other well?

Understanding is extremely important task for any relationship at time of life. Without understanding relationships are problematic and end really quickly. This question will determine how much he thinks you understand each other which if positive is good enough for your budding romance. Understanding also eliminates the secrecy in one’s bond so two can be frank with each other and talk about things openly without confusion or arguments.

7. Are you comfortable in sharing your problems with me?

Are you comfortable in sharing your problems with me?

As it is understood sharing problems with each other is a huge deal in relationships. It is not only important because you two open up with each other but it also showcases how you two can fight against that problem to resolve it together. Problem solving together is an aspect of any healthy functioning relationship that should be present as it provides stability.

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8. Do you believe in soulmates

Do you believe in soulmates

This question is on cheesy side but again helps in getting to know his preferences about love. Soulmates are what people think are perfectly made for each other moreover like match made in heaven. So, by asking this one will get a basic idea if he believes in true love or is he a little romantic or not. Specially to notice if your both ideologies match in this category otherwise you will face issues in conveying emotions.

9. If we have move to different places will you be able to manage long distance?

If we have move to different places will you be able to manage long distance?

Even if you do not end up dating distance especially long ones are a major obstacle to face. Even in friendships distance can if not ruin then hinder the closeness which makes it hard for people to handle relations in long distance. Before asking him this you can clear out if distance at any point of life will bother him or the relation between you two. Distance is hurdle for many for many young people that end up parting ways due to moving away for college or job opportunities so, make sure it would not be an issue for you two too.

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10. Do you think we will end up together?

The last and main question should be asked after you both have figured out if you have feelings for each other or not. This question is not a direct proposal but is equally necessary. As ‘Being together’ is a whole different thing than just friends. His answer to this question will give a clear image of his feelings for you and if it turns out positive then you two can be together in a short while. Since this question is simple yet serious do not hesitate to ask him to go in details as this answer will be a summary for him actual thoughts on a relationship with you.

Important question like this should be asked during talking phase too, the interaction between you two should be mutual tell him about your feelings and thoughts too and do not cloud the answers in hope to changing it to his liking. The more honesty from the beginning is present the clearer cut will be the relationship in future. 

If in the end you come to a conclusion that he might not actually have feelings for you or if it was infatuation it is still a good thing as you would have figured it out previously and not ruining the chances of you getting hurt. The concept of asking questions beforehand is to understand each other and get to know the intentions loud and clear before making the commitment. Love is a mutual feeling. Do not rush into a relationship either after having to understand you both have feelings for each other.

Take some more time involve in talking phase more just being sure you love each other is not enough either. Be patient and make sure his words match his actions too because sometimes you will have chances where he says something different to please you but in reality, does something opposite. As Albert Ellis also said ‘The art of love is largely the art of persistence’ so be persistent with each other just because you have small grudges should not be a reason of you two being separated or stop talking too. Before committing make sure you feel the same way too and would not run out of love as it was infatuation from your side.

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