Short Essay On Contribution Of Technology In Education

In this essay we are going to talk about the contribution of Technology in Education. Today’s world cannot exist without technology. We are surrounded by technology in every possible way. One cannot do anything without their personal gadgets. Our planet is slowly and steadily becoming a better place because of technology. Our lives have become much easier and fast – paced. We can order our favourite food, favourite perfume in just one click. Now you no longer need to wait for an auto – rickshaw. You can book it in seconds by sitting in the comfort of your home.

Short Essay on contribution of Technology in Education

Technology has played a key role in every department out there. It has left no stone unturned and is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds every single day.  It’s contribution in every field is immense.  Education plays a vital role in everyone’s life. A person’s life is incomplete without education. Coronavirus pandemic was a difficult period for everyone. Students were not able to attend schools as everything was closed. Due to the lockdown situation, students lost the experience and feel of attending classes. They couldn’t enjoy their school life for a brief period of time. But during these tough times technology came to our rescue. Below are the ways in which technology has contributed to the field of education.

Essay On Contribution Of Technology In Education

1. Online Classes

A school classroom setting of teaching completely got destroyed because of the pandemic. Therefore teachers and the higher educational authorities had to take a decision of switching the classes from offline mode to online mode. A google classroom was created for separate divisions and information regarding the joining links of the lectures were sent to students through a most popular application – Whatsapp. Lectures were conducted on Google meet. Some institutions also used Zoom application for online lectures.

2. Google classroom

A separate google classroom was made for each division. Detailed notes in the form of PDF’s were provided to students through this classroom. Assignments were uploaded from time to time. A big advantage of this google classroom system is that teachers were able to set a deadline for a particular assignment. In case if a student fails to submit his/her assignment then a late submission remark would appear on their account. This gives a clear knowledge to the teacher about who has submitted the assignment before the given deadline and who has not.

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3. Google meet

This platform serves the best for online lectures. It has various features that help the teacher to conduct the lectures in an efficient manner. Students have an option of raising their hand during online lectures if they have a doubt. On this platform, teacher can easily share her screen for presentation purposes. She can even mute certain people if she finds them disturbing the class.  Google meet is most widely used by schools as it is easy to understand and easy to use.

4. Zoom

Zoom meetings became famous during the lockdown period. People all around the globe were widely using it for educational purposes. Some instructors were also teaching dance and other extra-curricular acitivities to their students using this application. One of the best features of this app is that it allows more than hundred participants in one meeting. Link sharing and other features of this application are quite convenient for both students and teachers to use.

5. Google drive

This application was used to upload projects. Notes were also shared through this platform. Various drive links were also shared on whatsapp groups which consisted of videos and Powerpoint Presentations. Students were asked to maintain their personal drive.

6. Websites

During the lockdown situation all the book stores were closed down. Therefore various educational websites were used by students for studying. They were quite helpful in such a tough situation. Huge amount of information available on these websites helped students to score good marks in their examinations.

7. Mobile phones

A lot of students attended online lectures on their mobile phones. Some even used their parent’s mobile. It is easy to attend lectures on a mobile phone. Students were also able to give their examination through their phones. Online books were easily read on this small but helpful device.

8. Work from Home

Technology helped college going students to earn money during the pandemic period. Various internships were made available through apps. For example- Internshala, Indeed, and many such apps. Students had to upload their resumes and were further notified on their email-id’s if they were selected for the role. It gave a lot of relief to students as they were able to earn stipend from their home. Work from home culture began because of the coronavirus pandemic.

9. College fests

Interestingly, various college fests were conducted online as social distancing was made compulsory by the Government of India. College going students were taking part in various dance competitions, singing competitions, Poster making competition through online mode. This experience was quite different as the students were performing online which came with a different set of challenges.

10. Payment

How are the students going to pay their fees in a lockdown situation? With the help of technology, the college authorities made websites such as which made easy for students to pay their academic fees. These websites also had the option of paying the required amount in installments which gave relief to the parents as a lot of families faced financial instability during lockdown.


As online education took a front seat during the pandemic, people who were not so used to handling all the tech devices had no other option but to use it. Therefore they learnt to use all the gadgets which was a kind of practical learning for them which is obviously going to benefit them in the near future.Therefore people from all age groups adapted themselves in a successful manner to the changes due to the incoming of coronavirus pandemic.

Disadvantages of technology in Education

It is rightly said that a coin has it’s two sides. Therefore there are some negative effects of technology too. Some of them are as follows

Increased screen time

Technology is our helping hand. Almost everything we do is in some or the other way related to technology. But one disadvantage is that our eyes are continuously exposed to the mobile/laptop screen. Those radiations are harmful for our whole body. There are some people who just don’t leave their gadget. They forget to go outdoors and breathe in fresh air.

Essay On Contribution Of Technology In Education In English


Not everyone on this planet earth has access to all the high-tech gadgets. We all are aware that these gadgets are quite expensive. Therefore not everyone can afford it. People in rural areas find it difficult to buy a mobile phone for their child’s education. During the lockdown period, there were lot of cases of students not able to attend online lectures conducted by their school as no mobile phone was available at their house. Or even if it was available, they had no access to it for a longer period of time due to internet connectivity issues. Therefore we human beings are too dependent on technology but ironically, we cannot live also without it.


As we all are glued to our gadgets, our physical activity has significantly reduced. When we humans use these tech devices, our back is bent and our neck is continuously down towards the gadget you are using. Our posture has completely changed due to the various devices we use. This bad posture affects our overall health.  It is also said that if you sit in a slouched manner it shows that you have low confidence. On the other hand, if we sit straight it depicts confidence. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to correct our posture and sit in a right way for our own good.

 Social life

A person’s social life gets critically affected as his whole attention is consumed by either his mobile phone/laptop or any other device as such. Socializing does not interest the person anymore. Such people also start to isolate themselves from other people. As we all are aware that a person’s social life is of utmost importance. When you talk and meet new people, your knowledge on various things increases. But due to increase in the usage of tech devices, people have become lazy and have decreased the number of times they go outdoors.

Active lifestyle

We all are aware that an active lifestyle is crucial, if you want to live for a longer period of time. But human beings have catched the habit of sitting at one place with their gadgets. Therefore, this habit has made we humans lethargic. Because of which various diseases affecting the human population have increased. It’s high time that humans adopt an active lifestyle which consists of proper exercise, healthy diet and many such things.


Doom scrolling on your mobile phone before sleeping at night has become common. Right from students to parents, everyone follows this habit like a ritual. But what they don’t understand is the negative effect of their actions. The radiations coming from the mobile phone can cause them various eye and heart problems.

Therefore it is advised by the doctors to not use the mobile thirty minutes prior to sleeping.

Now you know the contribution of technology in education and also it’s ill effects. Therefore spread the word about how is technology benefitting education and be wise about the usage of gadgets.

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