Short Essay On Technology Has Made Our Life Easier

In this essay we are going to talk about the technology. Technology is not just a simple word; it is something that changed the world forever. The impact of technology on our world is huge and it is hard to describe in words but we can say that it is because of technology that today we are the way we are. The advent of technology has been the main reason behind so many revolutions that happened in the last few decades; the revolutions like industrial revolution and green revolution all were directly or indirectly a byproduct of the advancement of technology. These revolutions have changed the world so it would be appropriate to say that most of the important changes brought in the world and to humanity were a result of the advancement of technology.

Short Essay On Technology Has Made Our Life Easier

After reading the above passage it must be already clear to you how important technology is and how much of a deep impact it has on our world. Now one might wonder what exactly technology is? Technology is nothing but a technique, skill, machinery, equipment or information that can make human life easier and convenient. It is hard to define technology as it has lot of factors and almost anything can that makes human life easier can be considered as technology form hair clips to smart phones to spaceships they all are technology tetra pack is also technology and the operation techniques surgeons use is also technology, the ecg monitor and tool doctors use are also technology and software’s engineers use are also technology. 

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Technology is spread everywhere in every sector of human life be it industrial, agricultural, healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmetic to name a few, these industries use different types of technology to make their production more economical and time efficient, because of the application of technology in various sectors the  profit is significantly increased and also time is saved. 

But just like every other good thing technology has its own downsides. Technology is a tool and can be used by anyone easily but as easy it is to use technology similarly it is equally easy to misuse technology so one must be careful to not misuse technology cause it has negative impact on society and it creates a negative stigma around technology which can prove to be a hindrance to advancement of technology which in turn can cause a delay in the development of society and humanity in general. So that is why people should never misuse and abuse technology but still there are people and sometimes groups of people who misuse technology for destructive purposes and that cause a lot of damage to many people one good example of abuse of technology is the dropping of nuclear atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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Nuclear technology could have been a revolutionary technology as it could be used to generate enormous amount of energy but due to its misuse there was a negative stigma created around the nuclear technology which cause delay in its development, and the bomb also killed millions of people and left the many to suffer from radiation. This type of inhumane activites is the reason why technological development sometimes is faced by protests and criticism. Another misuse of technology is hacking; hacking is the act of entering someone’s computer without their permission and stealing their personal information and sometimes also their hard earned money.

Other downsides of technology are pollution due to rapid development of industries and the usage of motor vehicles. We are burning more fossil fuel than ever in history. This massive usage of fossil fuels has resulted in pollution and also depletion of natural resources, and these are not small problems, they are major problems of our generation because nothing would be possible if we run out of natural resources and also it would become a lot more difficult to live on the planet because of climate change.

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The good news is that the cure of disease caused by technology is technology itself. We are now  focusing on sustainable development and relying on renewable sources of energy like wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy etc. this will help us save the precious non-renewable sources of energy and also prevent climate change as renewable energy sources are eco-friendly. Similarly the development of electric vehicles are revolutionary as they are also eco-friendly and do not harm the environment.

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In conclusion we can say that technology is crucial to the development of human society, it is because of technology that humanity is what it is today. Because of technology physically disabled people can use their limbs again by using prosthetic limbs, it is because of technology that organ transplants became possible, it is because of technology that someone miles away from their family could talk to them and see them whenever they want using video calls. So we should not let some people who misuse technology ruin the potential of a better world for everyone.

Thank you for reading.

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