Short Essay On Grandmother

In this essay we are going to talk about the Grandmother. Grandmothers are the purest soul in your life. They are the ones who will love you the most and scold you the most. She will love you unconditionally. Nobody in the world can love you like your grandmother. Also, she is the person who has sacrificed a lot for her children’s plus for their grandchildren also. She doesn’t enjoy her life much and provides all the time to their children and their children. In addition, she doesn’t ask for many things in return. She only wants love, care, affection and time from all.

Furthermore, the grandmother is the pillar of strength in the whole family. She always builds up the whole family with a zest of positivity and love. She always tries to make everyone happy and satisfied with her. Grandmother makes sure that her grandchildren have eaten the food and she doesn’t let anyone skip the meal. One cannot dare to skip the meal if she is around. Sometimes due to some issues and problems, we tend to skip food but if your grandmother knows about you skipping the meal. She will forcefully make you eat the food whether you wish to eat it or not. One can see that she carries the purest love for her grandchildren.

Short Essay on Grandmother

Grandmothers are the souls who are nurtured with love and they have in abundance to spread love to their children plus their children also. Also, Grandmothers have the best old stories which include so many interesting stories and aspects related to worldly affairs, stories of our ancestors, food and the lifestyle of our past generations. 

Essay On Grandmother

Everybody just loves to hear old school stories whether a kid, adult or grown-ups. They have so much to tell the world and they hold so much information related to almost everything. 

Grandmothers are a precious gift in our lives. She is the ultimate source of happiness around you and she is one of the best human beings among all the humans you have met in your life. Even though I love my Grandmother the most, I love the personality she holds to date. She is one hell of a woman who has suffered so much in her life but never lost hope and spread love only. My Grandmother had a really tough life and she was strong all the way alone like a warrior. She never begged anyone to help her, instead, she made herself and her children so strong that they survived on their own without any help after they lost their father.

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Also, I always look up to my grandmother for any kind of inspiration or motivation in my life. I have always believed that I won’t find any other woman better than her to be my inspiration in my life. I love her from the bottom of my heart and I always wish good for her and want her to be healthy and happy around me to love like she does and protect us as she does. My Grandmother knows everything about old foods and she is a brilliant cook. She can even cook food instantly and it turns out to be the yummiest food ever. 

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Furthermore, My grandmother also knows everything, be it sewing the dress or lehenga or garage. Plus she knows knitting, embroidery and she makes some gorgeous pieces of sweaters, shoes or socks. She can make some great embroidered dresses or any piece of clothing with handcrafted embroidery. My Grandmother is one of the most talented women without the use of the Internet. She has learnt all the things from her relatives, especially her mother. The best part about having your Grandmother around is that she has tips and advice on almost all life problems and she has some great tricks to make things simpler and faster.

My Grandmother is the epitome of living a simple life. She likes to live simple and not spend much money on anything. She wore this soft pure cotton material dupatta with a pure cotton suit. She enjoys light colours and loves to wear some light design dresses in general. My Grandmother is the most graceful lady and she carries that tag so well that we are proud of her every day.

I love to put a smile on my grandmother’s face whenever she is upset or dull. I always enjoy spending time with her and love to do several activities with her. My Grandmother loves and adores animals. She enjoys feeding them food and water. Plus watching them eat food is one of her favourite pastimes. Also, my Grandmother loves pet animals. She has owned several pets back in her younger days. She was obsessed with all of her pets and she used to take care of all the pet animals with utmost love and affection.

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In addition, my Grandmother is obsessed with the planet and the gardening process. She enjoys greenery around her and treats the planet as her children. Back then she used to grow several vegetables in the small land that we have in our hometown. But after she shifted to Mumbai she lost those plants. And here she didn’t get a chance to grow much and so she decided to grow some flowers or aloe vera. My Grandmother knows every single detail and information regarding the plants and the growing process.

Essay On Grandmother In English

We do have a beautiful aloe vera plant at home just because of her. And we use that aloe vera for several purposes such as for face, hair or to make any kind of masks. Natural aloe vera is beneficial in treating so many problems instantly. My Grandmother used to take care of the aloe vera plants with so much care and love that the plant was only growing day by day into a healthier one.  

My Grandmother never complained about her life to anyone. She doesn’t talk shit to people and she always tries to make things work rather than being upset about it. She is always silent and speaks only when it is required or necessary. She loves her hometown and she misses her house every single day. I just wish that she stays happy and healthy to bless us in every situation or for any achievements. Hope she is proud of what she is today and be satisfied that she has done a lot for everyone around her. It’s time that she does something for herself and be happy.

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