Short Essay On Independence Day Of India

In this essay we are going to talk about the Independence Day Of India. What our motive will be of life if we are not free. We never generally think this way. Freedom is one of the most loving aspects in this century. For most of the time, we take this hard earned freedom for granted. We fail to acknowledge the essence of free life. Yet sometimes we feel like reading something about our Independence Day or we just need an idea to write something on Independence Day. So here is an essay on independence. We hope it helps you get a glimpse of the Independence Day and the freedom struggle.

Short Essay On Independence Day Of India

Independence Day of India is one of the most special days for everyone in the country.  This day marks the immense amount of struggle and bravery of our freedom fighters. This day is also considered as a national holiday but even if it is a holiday, we celebrate the day no lesser than a holiday. All government institutions and organizations hoist the national flag on this day and everyone pay tribute and homage to everyone who helped us win our independence. We also organise many cultural events all over the country. Such kind of celebrations are important to ignite nationalism and patriotism in the young minds of the country. This day is celebrated in a huge way in the red fort in India.

Many people wait for this red fort, New Delhi ceremony every year with excitement and feeling of pride in their hearts every year. The prime minister of India joins this ceremony and the President of the country hoists the national flag and addresses the nation. After this, 21 gunshots are fired in glory of this occasion. This marks the beginning of the main event. This is followed by cultural events and parades of all forces of India. Even all the television stations and radio stations are dynamited with patriotism. Interestingly Indian Diasporas celebrate Indian Independence Day all over the world in the form of pageants and parades with glee and exhilaration.

Essay On Independence Day Of India  

Our country, India, attained independence after long struggling years under British imperialism at midnight of 15th august 1947. This day is celebrated as the independence day of India. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru swore in as the first prime minister of India and declared independence officially. Everyone in the country won one of the biggest battles they were fighting, directly or indirectly, that day. There was a smell of relief in the air.  Sadly, our independence officially marked the bloody partition of the country too.

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 But winning independence was not at all an easy task. Indian history has seen days where attaining independence felt only like a dream. In this course of history, we saw several freedom fighters and their sacrifices for the nation. Other than our prominent freedom fighters, we will have to write a never ending list if we start talking about the lesser known fighters and martyrs of the country.

 We will need to turn the pages of history to understand the importance of the day. India had become a slave of British imperialism but the scene was not like these initial days of British in India. British companies cam to India as early as 1600s to expand their trade over the Asian countries. Those days, half of the Indian states were under the control of Mughal Empire. The then Mughal Empire Jahangir had granted the trading rights to British companies. Mughals were very strong and powerful then but gradually the Mughals started to disintegrate which gave the British government a chance to conquer small portions of the country. This expansion officially started after the Battle of Plassey in 1857.

Soon the british government had conquered most of the beneficial lands of the country. Although the year of 1857 saw major uprising, atleast in the northern India, but that made the British government more aware and ruthless of their power in India. Losing the revolt of 1857 was a facepalm to the Indians. This had awaken a lot of freedom fighters, out of which, mahatma Gandhi came up to be the most renowned and  one of the most powerful freedom strugglers. His principles were based on non violence, truthfulness and non cooperation. All these principles were reflected in his movements. These movements were so massive and powerful that the british government had to grant many rights.

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These rights included voting rights too. Such movements continued until 15th of august, 1947.  Although Mahatma Gandhi was the real architect of our independence, there were many others too who sacrificed for the well being of the country.  The list of these names will run into endless pages. But there are some names which we can never forget. One of them is Bhagat Singh, the person who sacrificed his life at the age of 23 for the sake of our country. Today’s youngsters cannot even imagine such contribution. Another such name is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who went all the way from India to the unknown land to him, Japan where he inspired people to fight for the independence of our nation. Such souls are gone bur never forgotten. We will always be grateful for their historical contributions.

The fight for the independence was so touching and emotive that it brought individuals of all class, creed, race, religion, gender together.  But the irony of the struggle is the partition of the country on the name of religion. This was the darkest time of Indian history. It feels so unreal even to imagine seeing a single nation struggling for a single motive but getting divided into two nations when the motive is served. This partition saw millions of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs refugees crossing borders of the new independent nations, some made it to the destination, and some just perished away in the route. All this was followed by massive bloodshed in Punjab and Bengal. This was a contradiction of the process we followed to earn independence that is non violence.

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The horror of British imperialism and the losses they have made to the country still kindles in the hearts of Indians. India was very rich in its resource base. It was one of the prettiest counties of the world. Interestingly it was known as the spiceland because the place had spices and masalas in abundance. India is still a very pretty country but 200 years of slavery as one of the colonies of British has degraded the value of the resources of the country. The British somewhere looted the materials of India , all the materials they used never came back to the lands of the country because of their policies.

Essay On Independence Day Of India In English

Our independence day has always attracted security threats. Within three years of independence, Naga national council boycotted the celebration of this day in northeast, India. With in some years, the efforts intensified and got the support of United Liberation Front of Assam and national democratic front of bodoland boycotted all the massive form of celebration of Independence Day. In 1980s, Jammu and Kashmir boycotted Independence Day and also organised strikes. They had used black flags and burnt Indian national flag.  Almost every    year we receive security threat from terrorist organisation from Lashkar-Taibas, Hizbul mujahideen, Jaish-E-Mohammed and we have faced some attacks around the country by these organisations.

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 Although the pandemic has deeply affected the country, even the Independence Day won’t be same again. But we need to accept the fact that we are in a permanent pandemic now and we have live with this now. We still celebrate everything the way we used to celebrate by following some easy safety measures. Anyway the thought matters the most.  We need to feel one thing that is patriotism should not be served only for a day; it is our duty to be grateful to our leaders and fighters throughout the year. We should acknowledge this taste of freedom because many could not even experience free india because they breathed their last breath to make this country free.

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