Short Essay On Smartphone

In this essay we are going to talk about the smartphone. Smartphones are the most revolutionary pieces of technology of our generation. This hand-help piece of technology has changed the world in many ways. Smartphones are indubitably the most influential tech; that has successfully revolutionized millions of businesses and services.

Smartphones have captured the market completely over the last few decades almost everyone in this generation uses a smartphone; such is the reach of smartphones. The overtake of this hand-help piece of technology brought with itself both some pros and some cons; along with pros and cons there was a rise in millions of opportunities that came along with the rise of smartphone usage. In this article we will discuss all of it.

Short Essay on smartphone

Firstly it is important to recognize that like any other technological progress or scientific invention and discovery; it is not the discovery or the invention itself that is harmful, instead it is how us the “humans” use and misuse the invention or discovery, that being said. Let us now talk about the pros and cons of smartphones. Starting with some advantages and positive changes brought by smartphones. The most important and significant change that was brought about the smartphone revolution was the convenience with which the internet could be accessed. With the advent of smartphones people no longer needed a desktop or laptop to access the internet; this made communication much more convenient and portable. Also since smartphones are cheaper than laptops every economic group could now access the internet and use it to their advantage. Smartphones made information through the internet accessible to everyone at any time.

Essay On Smartphone

This was a very big revolution. The second most important benefit of smartphones was its impact on other businesses. Most of the startups that are launched today are in some way whether directly or indirectly related to smartphones and the internet. Smartphones have revolutionized many businesses, be it food ordering services, taxi booking services, or online shopping. This has led to an economic boom and benefited many small and big businesses. Also the advent of online cashless payment is also a step into a clean and green future. Smartphones also led to a rise in the usage of social media and this led to a completely new industry of entertainment and gave rise to new employment opportunities.

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Now that we have discussed the advantages of smartphones let’s talk about some of the downsides of smartphone usage. Note how I am referring to downsider of smartphone usage and not smartphones themselves because as we have already mentioned the problems arise due to wrong and overuse of smartphones and not simply because they exist. The first downside of smartphones is addiction, smartphone addiction is growing day by day among every age group this leads to decrease in productivity and also may be responsible for certain health problems.

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With access to cheap entertainment on the palm of our hands it is very easy to get lost in the world or internet and lose our focus in the engaging content available on the internet and this is why we should always be careful about how much time we are spending on smartphone and be caution of not wasting our time without any reason.

The excess use of smartphones has caused a lot of other problems like a sharp decrease in the attention span of people since we always have endless content to watch on internet we are so used to see colorful things moving on our screen that the real world seems boring and it becomes extremely hard for people to hold their attention on to something which is extremely entertaining which most of the world is most of the times as a result people are more and more lost.

Essay On Smartphone In English

Smartphone is a very big problem as students are not able to focus on their classes and adults are not able to focus on their jobs. Other downsides of excess smartphone usage include weak eyesight and a decrease in physical activity. This affects mostly young children. Since almost every young child has access to smartphones with attractive and engaging online games they seem to be involved in the game most of the time which results in weak eyesight and low physical activity since kids avoid to go out to play and do physical activity and rather choose to play online games this affects their health adversely. 

So the conclusion is that smartphones are a great resource and can bring about many positive changes in society given that they are used wisely and in limits. Especially among young children it is very important to regulate the usage of smartphones and to encourage physical activity over online games and other such things. 

Thank you for reading.

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