What Are The Disadvantages Of Working Part-Time?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the disadvantages of working part-time? We all know that you are working part-time to explore the industry, earn some experience and have a flow of income. Although working part-time has lots of advantages and gives you an edge when you finally start applying for full-time jobs. Part-time jobs come up with many disadvantages that you might have not thought till now.

What are the disadvantages of working part-time?

Our readers are going to explore the top 10 disadvantages of a part-time job so, if you are applying to part-time jobs or just going to join an organization this article is made for you for an in-depth research and negative consequences of a part time job.

1. Salary is less

Salary is less

Whether you are going to start a part-time internship or a part-time job, the salary in a part-time job is dramatically lesser than what you could have earned in a full-time job or internship. Generally, you join an organization and work part-time because maybe you are a student attending school or college and you want to explore different industries, gain some experience and understand how the real world works… Never expect that you can depend on the earnings of a part-time job as the salary or stipend in a part-time job is very less.

Why? If you think as an owner of a company, maybe you require a content writer for a media company who can help the full-time writers, or may be you are a junior accountant in a Finance company and your job is basically auditing and helping the senior accountants so a recruiter looks up to person who can help their employees to get things done on time.

This is why a part-time job pays less because you are just going to be a backup employee who is going to help the organization to get things done. Hence the organization pays you less or negligible if you look at the earning to survive.

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2. Your experience is not valued

Your experience is not valued

Working part-time can be tricky sometimes. Maybe you were working for an organization as a part-timer with the focus of learning and getting hands-on experience. However, when you finally start applying for full-time jobs or freelancing, recruiters and clients may not understand what kind of experience you gained throughout your journey in part-time jobs.

You aren’t taken seriously! The majority of the recruiters don’t count your experience in the part-time jobs because maybe they don’t want to pay you well and talk like ohh I understand you have worked on part-time jobs, but do you know we have applicants who have years of full-time experience? Or your part-time job did not involve enough responsibilities according to me, so we cannot count on that. Of course, you have an edge if you just graduated and have years of experience working part-time, but it is the applicant’s job to show his skill sets and projects that he worked on to show his talent.

3. No benefits provided by the employer

No benefits provided by the employer

There are several benefits that a full-time employee enjoys while working for an organization such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Allowance, and paid leaves. A part-time employee will not get these benefits because the employer has hired you to complete his work and assist them at a minimum cost, so the majority of the organization does not provide benefits to part-time employees to reduce expenses and get things done.

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4. No promotions

 No promotions

When you work part-time your chances of getting a promotion are close to none. Try to understand why… Because employers cannot trust and rely on a part-time employee for large responsibility, You and I both know that you are working part-time to gain experience and earn some extra bucks, so getting promotions and appraisals in a part-time job is really difficult. But exceptions are always there, maybe you have worked for a very long period let us just say a year, and you have performed very well and worked equally hard as a full-timer, then you might convert your part-time job into a full-time job. Hurray!

5. Academics are affected

Academics are affected

Many surveys tell that if you are a student and are working part-time for reasons like you want to support your family, gain experience or just have independence as a student, working part-time backfires your purpose. Students often complain that they cannot handle academics as well as a part-time job together and eventually their grades and performance in school decreases rapidly. So our advice for you is if it is not required to do a part-time job for survival then it is better to do full-time internships in vacations in college. Because when you are a student, your top priority should be your studies.

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6. No job security

No job security

When an employer hires part-time employees for their organization, in the back of the mind what they are looking for is cost reduction. Maybe an employer is looking for someone who can work for only a month, and when your tenure is over they say goodbye to you. Let us say you entered a part-time job and expect that you will perform well and convert that into a full-time job. Great plan! Suddenly the organization you are working for suffered a huge loss in the last quarter and to cover the losses they have to fire some employees to reduce future recurring cost… Who do you think will be fired first? Yes! It’s the part-time employees. So if you are someone who expects job security working part-time, then a part-time job is not for you…

7. Lack of exposure

Lack of exposure

We all know that working part-time gives you real hand experience and an edge over your peers if you are a student because when you apply for a fresher job you have an edge and experience to crack the best job you are looking for, but if you are someone who does not have to go to school or college and you think that working part-time can give you exposure of the industry then maybe you are wrong. Part-time jobs come with less responsibility, we all are aware of that but it also comes with less amount of exposure as compared to someone who is working full time for the same organization for the same role. You should find a full-time opportunity even if the salary is low. You have to hustle in this period if you aren’t getting your preferred job and working part-time will not fulfill the purpose.

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8. Part-time jobs can be stressful

Part-time jobs can be stressful

Many people enter a part-time job thinking they will earn some extra bucks and use that money to the party, go out with their girlfriend or boyfriend and buy video games or smart phones. If you are joining an organization to work part-time just to fulfill your luxurious needs, then part-time jobs are not for you, first of all, part-time jobs don’t pay well as already mentioned in the 1st point of this article plus you have to work seriously and for a very long duration, for example, if a full-time employee is working 8 hours a day so you need to put at least 3 hours per day to earn a decent amount of money and if you are not used to the work culture and the responsibilities that come with it.

You will find working part-time as stressful. You have to go to school, work for the organization, do assignments, and handling school with a job is really stressful, believe it or not. You have two responsibilities now and very few disciplined people can handle both efficiently.

9. Your personal life is affected

Your personal life is affected

If you are someone who likes to hang out with friends, go out for a date with your girlfriend/ boyfriend, have specific hobbies such as drama, art, or fitness then you must reconsider before entering a part-time job. When you are only attending school then you can surely pursue your hobbies and go out on a date, but if you join a part-time job, then you will be busy most of the time, the only day free for you will be a Sunday which will be a rest day to be honest because your body won’t allow you to go out and have fun. You will want to lie down on your couch or bed and get rest and release all the stress that you had gone through throughout the last week.

So if you are a chill fun-loving person enjoying your school/ college life then it would be better to just focus on academics and enjoy your life as this time will never come back if relationships and friendship hold value in your life. You might lose touch with your friends, have to break up with your partner as you could not spend time with them, and this is obviously painful if you value relationships a lot.

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10. Satisfaction is less

Satisfaction is less

If you are very passionate about work and trying to grow fast, then doing a part-time job will not fulfill your purpose. Let us face the truth, when you are in the office, you will not be in the core team. Your job will be mostly assisting others. You will not get enough respect as compared to a full-time employee; Your views won’t be taken seriously because you are looked up to as a temp who works part-time. So all of these issues will hamper your mental health if satisfaction by working is something you are looking for. We advise you that if you are a workaholic and looking for integrity, respect or growth then better options are

1. Studying hard for an entrance test, scholarship tests to pursue higher studies.

2. Start a startup

Both of the options mentioned above are great if satisfaction is what you are looking for.

  • Preparing for a scholarship or an entrance test for your dream college can be a great backup plan if you are looking for long time growth and satisfaction.
  • Starting your own business and working part-time on growing that business will give you the best experiences and teach you leadership.

Thanks for reading…

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