How To Build Confidence To Approach A Girl?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to build confidence to approach a girl? Approaching a girl can be more difficult than it seems. If you are a kind of person who gets nervous or awkward around strangers, then this can be a very hard task in your mind. Sometimes to you get so nervous before approaching only because you think that the person you are going to approach would reject you. Nowadays, people are more open towards thinking that relationships are a part of our life and we must have some or the other kind of romantic relationship in our life to get exposure and build character. And not only for a romantic relationship, even when we approach someone for friendship, we can have many doubts in our minds as to what would they think about us or is it even worth it or not.

How to build confidence to approach a girl?

It is natural to feel nervous before approaching a girl you are interested in and would like to build some kind of relationship with. If you are thinking about approaching her, it means that you might have felt attraction towards her, maybe it was just how beautiful she looked or you might have noticed some of her behavioural and personality traits that attracted you towards her. When we like someone in this way, it is only natural being a human being that you would feel under-confident before actually going up to her and talking to her. Starting the conversation can be whole another difficult task. So this article is exactly the thing you need right now.

1. Smile


Smiles are often underrated. When we smile at someone, they get to feel the warmth we exude from our personality. When you are approaching a girl, make sure that you have a natural smile on your face. The smile being a natural one is what is most important here, if it is not a genuine one or just a senile smile that conveys that you are approaching her with some hidden harmful motive, and you don’t want the girl you like to feel that way about you. A smile on your face also shows that you are confident about yourself and that alone can create a very nice impression of you on her mind. Smiles are given less credit than what they are responsible for. A smile has a power to make hearts melt.

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2. She is also a human

She is also a human

Before going ahead with approaching a girl, you must keep in mind that she is also a human only. She is not a perfect goddess who will outright laugh at your face for just thinking of approaching her. She can be perfect in your eyes, but at last she is also a human and no human is perfect. So don’t discourage yourself already that such a perfect girl could never feel anything for you. You might get the shock of your life when you finally approach her and get to know that she also has feelings for you or have the chance to grow feelings for you. If you keep on thinking that she is perfect and you are not, you would never be able to build confidence to approach and talk to her. So keep in mind that she is also a human and go ahead.

3. You are not alone

You are not alone

Also remember that you are not the only one who would be approaching girls or any person in general. It is totally fine to feel attracted to a person you just saw or met. She would not see you as an alien for approaching you. People do it a lot and it is not also something that has just started in the recent times, this has happened since the existence of love has started. It is okay for people to approach each other in the desire of building a beautiful relationship with them.

It would not make you look desperate or a pervert, provided that you are not behaving like one. Also remember that you are not the only one who might have approached that girl. Don’t take this as a pressure to perform well or something. Just be your confident self and if she is really interested in someone else, leave her alone with dignity.

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4. Work on yourself

Work on yourself

The most important thing you need to do is build confidence is to feel confident about yourself. You can be perfectly compatible with that person, but you would never feel that way if you are not comfortable about yourself. So for feeling confident in your own skin, you should work on yourself. This process starts from a very young age when you work on your studies, career, personality development, character building and all the other little things we learn about this world while growing up. It would be impossible to feel confident out front if you don’t feel confident about yourself from the inside. So make sure that you have been working on yourself to be a better person for yourself as well as your partner.

5. Think positively

Think positively

It is important to think positively throughout your deliberation of whether or not to approach her and also while talking to her. If you think discouragingly even before approaching her, that you would never be able to win her over, it will show on your face and you might end up making a bad impression. And if you are thinking negatively while talking to her, you would keep going in circles in your own mind and would not be able to concentrate on what she is speaking about. So while talking to her, give her your 100% attention so that she knows that you are really interested in her and do not have any ulterior motive behind talking to her out of the blue. Think positively about yourself because even if she says no, she isn’t the last girl in the world.

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6. Maintain eye contact

Maintain eye con

Maintaining eye contact is the most effective sign of exuding confidence. When you maintain an eye contact with the person you are talking to they automatically get to know that you are confident with being yourself and you yourself would feel that the flow of conversation is so much more natural than when you see here and there instead of the person you are talking to. Apart from showing confidence, an eye contact also conveys the message that the person has you complete attention and they want to continue the conversation with you because they feel that you are actually listening to them and paying attention. When you continuously maintain an eye contact, the other person might start feeling conscious of themself because of the way you are staring. So make sure that your gaze is natural.

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7. Speak clearly

Speak clearly

It is very important to speak clearly. It is not only important when you are talking to a girl you have just approached but you should be clear with your words in general as well. Speaking firm words exudes another level of confidence that cannot be achieved with anything else. It makes the other person actually listen to you and you are the centre of their attention. If you speak clearly in general, but start stuttering or mumbling words when you approach a woman or someone you are interested in, then you should rehearse before speaking. Go over in your mind about what you are going to speak when you finally gather the courage to approach them. When you have a clear set of lines in your mind, you experience a surge of confidence in yourself.

8. Body language

Body language

Body language speaks volumes that words cannot. It makes the other person know more about you than what you’re letting them in on. If your nervousness is clearly visible in the way you are behaving around them, then there is no use of speaking confident words. So make sure that your body language conveys the message of confidence that goes well with your lines. Don’t be shy in letting them know that you were a bit hesitant before approaching them because it would tell them how genuine you are with your efforts. You should keep your body language in check as often when we are feeling unconfident about situation we end up making a fool of ourselves or even come off as a pervert. So remember that body language plays an important role.

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9. Talk in the mirror

Talk in the mirror

If you are someone who gets very shy in front of people you find attractive, then the best option for you is to practice. There is no need of practicing cheesy pick-up lines as any girl would hardly fall for that. What you need to practice is being genuine in front of them and make sure that your face does not convey any wrong message from your side. It would help you if you know what you would look like while talking to that person. This is also included in working on yourself to make your expressions rightly readable and you are not making the other person uncomfortable with the way you speak or behave. It is possible that you start behaving differently around the so imagining them in front of you while talking in the mirror can really help.

10. Learn how to read body language

Learn how to read body lang

The most important part of approaching someone is to think about the consequences. There is a possibility that the girl actually likes talking to you and you both are compatible with each other. But there is also a possibility that she already has a partner in her life or she just simply doesn’t feel that you both would be great together. Even if you think that you both are perfect for each other, they might not feel the same way; not every person is the same. So you should learn how to read their body language. As we have already established that body language speaks volumes, so if yours matter, theirs does too. So make sure that you are not imposing yourself on them as it would clearly show on their face. Even if you both part ways, don’t lose confidence in yourself.

These were some pointers you might find helpful for building your confidence.

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