How To Study Better At Home?

In this article we are going to talk about the How To Study Better At Home? Studying at home is the most comfortable way of studying as students get to study in their own space but, at the same time it can be one of the most difficult tasks for students to perform as there are many distractions while studying at home, you might get distracted by your favourite television show or a cricket match you were waiting from a long time, it can be your friends calling you out for a ride or it can be social media or any other thing around you. Not falling for any of these distractions is not a piece of cake, but if you follow all the given steps consistently with discipline you might not get distracted easily by any of them, remember that discipline and hard work is the key to success.

Top 10 Ways To Study Better At Home

All these distractions are just stopping you from achieving your supreme goal in your life.

1. Make A Proper Plan

Make A Proper Plan

Let’s start with an example, a civil engineer has been hired by construction company “x” to design and build a building, “y” construction company has decided to construct the building without any help taken from a civil engineer, what do you think which company will complete its building construction early? Company “x” will complete the construction of their building way too early than company”y”, civil engineers work is to make a plan and work according to the plan the whole time.

Making a plan for your studies will lead you to success, a plan or a strategy is the first step to success, studying from home is a difficult job, but having a plan and working on it will make it an easy job. Having a plan gives you an edge in your journey towards your goal.

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2. Your Study Area Should Be Neat And Clean

Your Study Area Should Be Neat And Clean

Humans are the most developed species on this planet, we have very developed brains and our brains are capable of doing multiple things at a single time, it gets distracted even by a small ant.

The area where we work, where we study should always be kept neat and clean to avoid distractions and for better focus on our work, our mind automatically feels good if we are in a good neat and clean environment, when we study in a good environment, our mind doesn’t get distracted and we remember all that we learn, we must surround our study area with minimum decoration or any other item which can distract us.

3. Have A Dedicated Study Area

Have A Dedicated  Study Area

How would you feel when you always sleep at different places in your home or have a meal at different places in your home always? Your mind won’t get used to each place to sleep, because you are changing your sleeping area always, on day 1 you are sitting in the drawing-room, on day 2 you sleep in the lounge, on day 3 you sleep In your room, I can bet that you were not comfortable sleeping at any of this palaces, it’s because you are not giving time to adjust your sleeping routine to your brain.

Always studying at different places in your home can disturb your brain, as it is not getting enough time to adjust your studying place because you are constantly changing it.

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4. Turn Your Studies Into A Game

Turn Your Studies Into  A Game

Many children complain that whenever they start their studies they feel sleepy and drowsy and could not properly focus on their studies. The reason behind this is that they find studying boring and their mind doesn’t give them the good hormone “dopamine”, the good hormone is released when our brain feels good, feels pleasure. Our mind thinks that studying is a very boring thing to do and so we often feel sleepy while studying.

The easiest way to solve this problem and get interested in studies is to, study them as it’s a game, give yourself some treat after you complete your assignments, give yourself some quality time after studying for long in a day, when brain will get good things after studying, it won’t think that it is boring and will keep you focused and active while studying.

5. Avoid Social Media While Studying

Avoid Social  Media While  Studying

As we have discussed before the distractions we may find while studying, the most dangerous one out of all of them is using social media. Social media has become a regular part of our life. There are many uses of social media, one can use it for their growth and one can waste their time on it, it’s completely up to you.

It’s recommended to everyone who has to study at home or work at home, you must keep your phone at a certain distance by which you won’t get distracted from the notifications and other applications if you are supposed to keep your phone by your side, you must use app lock for some applications which may distract you, an app lock locks the app for as long as you want.

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6. Practice Practice Practice

Practice  Practice  Practice

Do you know why you remember your way from home to your school and from school to your home because you travel almost daily from that route?

Our mind remembers everything that we repeat daily, the same thing is applied to studies as well when we revise our notes and keep practising it daily our mind remembers every point of it, “Practice makes a man perfect”, practising sharps our knowledge and makes us better on the topic. The best way of revision is to revise it thrice a month, 1st revision after the day you learn, 2nd revision after one week of the day you learned, 3rd revision after one month of the day you learned, this method of revising the topic is practised by millions of people all over the world.

7. Test Yourself

Test Yourself

Revising all the stuff you read will help you a lot and make you better at the topic, but you need to check your knowledge in the topic which you are revising, it’s necessary to take your test because it will realise make you how well you write your answers and how well you structure them, it will show you your weak points and your strong points.

Taking a self-test helps you to get used to that exam pressure and makes you understand the question paper very well, testing yourself gives you an edge over all others who are not testing themselves, knowing your weak points makes you sharper than others.

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8. Track Your Progress Rack Your Progress

Track Your Progress Rack Your Progress

Tracking your progress helps you in executing your plan, as you have a timetable and you know your progress on the topic, you can decide how much time you should give to different things and manage to achieve your goal. When you read a book, you keep a bookmark where you have stopped reading so that the next time you read that book you can directly start from there.

Tracking your progress in your studies helps you to maintain things properly and finish them on time, a properly tracked and planned path leads you to success.

9. Eat Well And Sleep Well

Eat Well  And Sleep Well

Imagine a car running without fuel and has not gone for service for the last 5 years, not possible, a car can never run without fuel and proper service.

The same is the case with our body and mind, you feel energetic when your sleep quota is managed and your diet is nutritious, our body and mind needs its fuel and service to run properly, eating healthy food is advised to every student in the world because “what we eat is what we feel”, sleeping is also equally important as the mind and our body needs rest to function properly. One should always eat nutritious food and take at least 7-8 hours of sleep for good physical and mental health.

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10. Exercise


Eating nutritious food and sleeping well is good for health, but a student is advised to do more for his mental growth by which he/she can perform well in their studies.

According to some recent reports a student is advised to exercise enough as when you exercise the blood flow faster in the body and supplies blood to every corner of the body and the brain as well. Exercising regularly develops one’s brain and maintains good health of the physical body, exercising keeps your motivation high. Exercising also helps in focusing well on studies. A student spends most of his/her time sitting and writing or learning something, this lifestyle highly affects their health, so a student must start exercising to maintain his physical and mental health.

~ A student is always recommended to stay active and not lazy, staying active helps him to start any good thing for himself whereas a lazy student will always make excuses and run away from opportunities, all the points covered in this article are tried and tested by millions and millions of students from all around the world, studying well will lead you to great heights and make you great person as,

” knowledge is everything”

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