How To Motivate Your Team?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to motivate your team? In order to achieve better results in your business motivating your team is a key. Team is a vital asset in any work. We must constantly motivate and inspire them to increase productivity and see success in organization. Motivate the team members bring out their true potential and let them feel like they are intelligent and smart enough to accomplish the goals.

Motivate your team like a leader and keep right people on board. Being a leader motivate your team to show and produce their best work is a beneficial skill. Management and motivations are very essential factors in the growth of any business. Are you a team leader and need some useful tips on how to motivate your team? You are at the right place. We are here to suggest you some of the powerful and possible ways to motivate your team.

How to motivate your team?

To motivate a team in any sector, we must pay attention to many factors.

 We have listed some of the important ways to assist you in your process. Let’s have a look at the top 10 ways to motivate a team.

1. Empower the team

 Empower the team

Empowering a team is really a key factor to achieve desired results. Motivate them and tell them that they are capable to accomplish the task. Always be an example to your team by accomplishing tasks and showing your passion and confidence towards your work this empowers them to be more focused towards their work and to give their best to the organization. For example consider this, if you want your team members to come to office early, and then you must come early first. If you want your team members to go an extra mile then you must go first. Lead them by an example this inspires and motivates them to boost their performance. Get to know the work style of your individual team member and work towards motivating each of them to give their best effort.

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2. Set vision and realistic goals

2. Set vision and realistic goals

Being a team leader your main task is to set a clear vision and set the realistic goals to the team members. When you assign them particular task set realistic timelines. Explain them the purpose of accomplishment and the outcome after completion of the task. This way they will have a clear idea of what to do? And how to be actively finish the task. Identify the challenging tasks you want your team to achieve. Setting a clear vision and being distilled towards that idea is like giving a mission to accomplish to your team.

Suppose if you have project to finish, first you must explain the team what is the purpose of this project? Why should we do it? This gives them the clear picture to put their efforts for that project. Explain your team members how their efforts are helping the organization to achieve their vision and also tell them they are playing huge role in success of organization. Keep your team members always informed about the tasks and goals they need to accomplish.

3. Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

Providing flexible working hours increases the productivity in team members.  Let the team members work remotely when they need it, because there are lots of special events and occasion’s people do not want to miss. Primarily people often fall sick. Give them flexible work shifts according to their needs. Give your team members control over the work they do, so they will put all their efforts. Be generous and give people time off. This keeps them fully engaged and they will not feel pressurized. Make the work flow easier to them they will show interest in the work they do and expertise themselves.

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4. Support new ideas

 Support new ideas

Encourage them to come up with new ideas and support their ideas. Spare time to listen their ideas and make them feel empowered always make them feel rejuvenated to work towards the goal. Be a resourceful person to discuss new ideas with you. Show interest and concern in their ideas. People are also focusing on enhancing their skills and learning new skills to survive in future. So, set new challenging targets to employees and encourage them to polish their skills. This motivates people to a further extent.

5. Friendly workplace

Friendly workplace

Friendly workspace and a good connection between the employees lead to a great teamwork. Create a collaborative environment. This leads team members to pass seamlessly through any task. Be approachable and let them come up to you with problems. Communicate and get to know your team members. Communication with team members is extremely important to form a friendly workplace. Make them feel comfortable. Do not let an employee feel undervalued, it impacts their performance.

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6. Appreciate


Express appreciation and recognition in their work gives them motivation to work hard and contribute to the organization. Appreciation and recognition can be done by increasing their compensation or offering incentives this encourages people to discover their strengths and to give their best to the organization. Praise and acknowledge the team for their work if it is a genuine success, this factor is often ignored. But this a very important factor to achieve success. Respect their efforts and be responsible towards team members. Make them feel like their efforts are valued.

7. Celebrate success

Celebrate success

Celebrating success of team or a team member this is a vital quality. Have off site meetings occasionally outside the workspace. Offer them rewards for their success. Some reputed companies also offer paid vacations to their staff which is a great idea. If you do not wish to do these ways just give those unpaid vacations and holidays? You can even take them on company vacations or to keep it simple go to a company brunch. The basic funda is connection and having fun. People in any organization crave time offs. They will not feel work pressure if you do so. One of the important qualities a leader must have is praise people in public, but when does mistakes talk to them in private. Let their success make noise.

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8. Encourage teamwork

Encourage teamwork

Encouraging team work will make the task easier and leads everyone towards specific goals. As we all know unity is a major aspect to form a good team. So, encourage your team members to get to know each other and make them united. Let them know how good they are doing the work discus successes and failures going through. Encourage people to develop professionally and also encourage them to develop new skills. A great teamwork will increase their performance and productivity. Encouragement always brings the best in people. If you build a unity and organized team, it is like you have built half of the success.

9. Communication


Communication and building a rapport with team is extremely important. Knowing every individual in the team is important to get their potential this is how you can thrive an organization. Be easy on failures but teach them discipline let them learn from failures. Be approachable and let the people come up to you with problems and creative ideas. Challenge your team to gain new personal and professional skills to grow because if people do not see an increase in their graph they will leave the organization.

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 10. Compensate fairly

Compensate fairly

Pay your team what they really worth. Compensation can really be an important factor in order to motivate team. Give them rewards and incentives if their hard work really pays off. If a team member or whole team has worked really hard on the previous project and it made a huge profit, it means you should reward them for their performance. Hiking their compensation can motivate them to give their best for next projects.

 Some researchers say that people get job satisfaction if they are highly compensated.

The above mentioned are some of the key strategies to motivate your team and increase productivity. I hope this information will hip you.

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