Short Essay On Environmental Pollution

In this essay we are going to talk about the Environmental Pollution. Before going to discuss environmental Pollution we have to first know about the definition of the environment. So, everything that we see around us is called the environment including the living organisms such as human beings,plants, animals, birds, microorganisms etc. and the non living things such as soil, air, water, houses etc. Now what is pollution and how it affects our environment? Everything in our environment is connected with each other and present in a balanced position.

Short Essay On Environmental Pollution

Any undesirable change that affects the system and balance if the environment is marked as pollution. There are different causes for the pollution of the environment, some of them are due to human beings and some of them are natural. There are different kinds of environmental Pollution such as water pollution, air pollution, sound pollution, soil pollution etc. The health of the environment is decreasing day by day due to this type of pollution. And being a part of the environment it is our responsibility to protect our homes that are the environment from those types of devastating phenomenons. So, we have to gain the basic knowledge about the different kinds of pollution and their causes and then after that we should search for the possible ways to keep our environment safe.

Different Types of Environment Pollution

There are mainly four types of pollution occurring in the environment. These are as follows

Essay On Environmental Pollution

1. Air Pollution

Air pollution has become a major concern nowadays. It occurs due to the presence of unwanted agents that are known as pollutants in the air. Air pollution not only affects the health of air but also it affects the health of living and non living organisms. Air pollution occurs due to humans and nature accordingly. There are several human made causes that pollute the air, among them the major cause is the factory and power plants that emit the poisonous gases and by products to make chemicals or metals. The industries that use petroleum, coal, oil etc, emit gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Release of vehicles is also an important reason for air pollution. There are different pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers used to kill the insects and pests in agricultural fields that have a hazardous effect on air.

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In case of natural causes, forest fires are one of the major causes that release ash and burn partIcles burns into the air. Fog along with the smoke makes smog that causes air pollution. There are  the poisonous gases that is called as greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide etc creates a layer on earth’s atmosphere and for that sunlight can come to the earth but can not return from the earth which ultimately causing increasing of the temperature of earth. It is termed as global warming due to air pollution and becoming a great concern to everyone. Due to pollination, pollen is contaminated in the air and in the biological degradation process methane gas is released in the air that pollutes air.

Air pollution has tremendous effects on human health such as it causes irritation in nose, eye and throat and also causes cancers, bronchitis, failure of lungs etc. The toxic gases present in the air react with each other and  cause acid rain which affect water body houses and our historical heritages most.

2.  Water Pollution

The second most important pollution is the pollution of water. Water is a very crucial component of earth for our life. The amount of clean drinking water is very less and it is decreasing day by day due to pollution. Here we will discuss the possible causes of water pollution. Because of the increasing population, the mass of people live in a small area. The water used for washing clothes, bathing and other works is disposed of in the drain and finally mixed up with ponds, rivers etc. The detergent present in the water helps to grow the water ferns in massive amounts which affects the organisms that live in the water.

One most important point causing water pollution is application of fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides in the field. At the time of rain, those fertilizer, pesticides are washed off and mix with nearby water bodies and pollute that water. The liquid discharges from the factory and power plants through streams and rivers mixed in the ocean and pollutes the ocean water. Huge ships and at the time of travelling through the ocean sometimes get leaked and oil comes out and mixed with water. This causes a huge loss in the creatures present in the waterbody.

Fishes and important microorganisms present in water bodies get their life risk. Not only the aquatic organisms but also humans and animals face various diseases as the poison gets transmitted through the food chain. Due to the soi phenomenon such as percolation, seepage, leaching etc polluted water enters the ground water table and decreases the quality of the freshwater. People face foot and mouth diseases, various allergies and in the case of children the disease named blue baby syndrome occurs.

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3. Soil Pollution

Soil pollution basically occurs due to the poisonous material that affects the health of human, animal and birds and the habitat of helpful soil microorganisms. Soil is a very important component like the others. Plants take food from the soil. Not a single point can cause soil pollution, there are mainly the humans who are responsible for this pollution. For the improvement of agricultural crops and suppress the weed growth farmers apply various chemical fertilizers and herbicides in their field. Those types of agricultural input contain toxic chemicals, metals or ions that are harmful to the earth.

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At the time of extracting coral, petroleum and various metals that are contaminated with soil deteriorate the health of soil. The wastes of human beings contain various non decomposable materials such as polythene, plastic which after mixing with soil lead to soil pollution. Due to acid rain the ions present in the soil change its form and make the soil toxic for what growth of crops and plants are affected very badly. Without knowing the devastating effect of soil Pollution people are spreading dirt into the soil. Toxic substances through soil enter into the groundwater table and make the soil infertile day by day. People ultimately face low yields in crops and various health problems.

4. Sound Pollution

Sound pollution is one of the terrible pollution in the environment which has a direct effect on human health. Sound pollution can be defined as the unusual or unbearable noise produced by any source. Sound below seventy decibel is considered as safe for human health. Sound pollution can be produced from different sources. It mainly occurs due man made activities.The population is increasing day by day and the vehicles used by them are also increasing accordingly.

In the big and busy cities in the traffic area the rate of sound pollution is more. The unwanted horns of different vehicles is one of the major causes of this type of pollution. In the area of building construction the noise is above 140 decibels which is harmful to our ears. The sound of different machinery used for mining coal and different metals is very high. Big factories are also the source of this pollution.

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There are different types of occasions such as weeding, Pujas,birthday parties etc. celebrated in India. And where there is occasion there are songs, crackers, speakers. The sounds produced from the speakers and crackers is above seventy decibels which ultimately lead to the sound pollution. Not only from the industry or vehicles but also from our houses loud noises are produced from different electronic devices such as mixer grinder, television, speakers, repairing works etc. There are different natural causes of sound pollution and ultimately the environment pollution. Noise of thunderstorms, bark of animals also lead to this pollution. It has a hazardous effect on human health. People face various disorders such as failure of hearing capacity, increase of blood pressure, heart failure etc.

Essay On Environmental Pollution In english


There are different steps and precautions to control and reduce the pollution. First of all we all should be aware about the result of the pollution and should spread the knowledge to save our lives. There are different ways to save our environment. Firstly, to protect air from pollution we should plant more trees and spread greenery, so that the greenhouse effect can be reduced. Along with that we should use such fuels that will not produce smoke that much. For minimization of water pollution water should be reused. The Government has started the Ganga Action Plan programme in the year of 1985 to control the pollution. There are several paths for the reduction of soil Pollution.

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People should follow the principle of reuse and recycle and use the plastic bags, glasses etc. Moreover, farmers should be advised to follow the farming practices organically so that chemicals can not pollute the soil. For the control of sound pollution, people should control the range of noise produced from different sources. We should increase our concerns immediately otherwise our future generations will be in great danger. The health of the environment and also the health of us is partially depending upon us.

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