Short Essay On Save Water

In this essay we are going to talk about the Save water. Your day just doesn’t get along without water. Water resources are abundant on earth but the responsibility to save and preserve them is deteriorating. Every one of us wants everything from nature but the mere kindness to save them for future generations is never in our thoughts.

We, humans, have become selfish and do not think about the environment and exploit resources more than we need. It thereby depleted land, water, air, and the whole of nature. We all carry the mere responsibility to thank and give back to the environment. We owe it to nature.

Short Essay On Save Water

There is no decrease in water pollution. Each day there is so much water being wasted. Many resources are being contaminated by unwanted waste which is being dumped into these water resources. There have been deaths recorded for drinking this water.

Poor people cannot afford to buy mineral filtered water. They are dependent on these resources. They consume it directly without noticing that it is contaminated. This way it leads to severe chronic diseases and even to deaths sometimes.

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7 Ways to save water at your hand

Oceans, rivers, lakes, and so on are being exploited and cultivated to a large extent. There is so much sewage waste. There is industrial waste where it turns water harmful for use. Water pollution has always been a problem. There is no change in it. We have been learning for years about how water is being contaminated by humans and how it becomes less useful. We all have the equal responsibility to preserve water for future generations

Essay On Save Water

1.  Turn off the taps when not in use

We often tend to forget to turn off the taps when not in use. For instance, while brushing, while cleaning utensils, washing clothes, and so on we leave the tap running. With little care, turn off the taps when not in use.

2.  Water plants with remaining water

Use the water in a water bottle when you don’t drink and water plants. Use the remaining water after washing vegetables to water plants. This will improve the reduction of excessive use of water.

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3.  Drip irrigation or sprinkler system

Farmers sometimes have wastewater that isn’t needed by their fields. So sowing in a conservative manner will reduce water usage and increase in preserving water. Using conservative ways to irrigate crops will help in conserving water to an appreciable extent.

4.  Take shorter showers

Take quick showers. This will reduce water wastage. Ask your children or kids to not play in the water for a long time. Find ways to conserve water at home.

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5.  Don’t throw waste in water bodies

Do not throw waste in water bodies. Separate waste as biodegradable and non-biodegradable for efficient management of waste. This will ensure the right manner of dumping and thereby reduce any harm to the environment. Whenever you see someone throwing waste into water bodies, ask them to not. It is your responsibility to look after the environment.

Essay On Save Water In English

6.  Report leaks

Whenever you find any leaks in-home or workplace, immediately report them.  Do immediate actions to stop the leakage like filling in buckets and so on. Wherever you find it, immediately report it to the concerned person.

7.  Collect excess water for other uses

Collect water after washing clothes to clean toilets. Collect water after washing vegetables to water plants. Collect leakage water to wash clothes and so on. Make sure you are reusing water every time and conserving.

Most of us are familiar with all of these and yet there is no change. We all have to raise our hands together to conserve water and preserve them for future generations. Water is being polluted at alarming rates. It is high time to notice and cut down using water excessively. Use how much you require and conserve the rest. You are a human and you have the responsibility to save water and nature. It is the environment and nature which help us breathe peacefully and yet we all give no peace to it.

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