Short Essay On My Teacher

In this essay we are going to talk about the My Teacher. A teacher is the most integral person in every student’s life. They have played a humongous role in shaping our personalities with the knowledge and etiquettes we carry as humans in the future. Teachers are the most influential aspects of our lives. They teach us the small things in life which our parents don’t teach us. Plus they put in a lot of effort to teach the students with all the knowledge while putting in a lot of hard work. Each teacher in our life has played a certain role in making us the person we are today. Their role is immensely rooted with all due respect in shaping up to our career as well the overall personality. 

Short Essay on My Teacher

There is always a special memory with the teachers in our life. And just like this My Teacher also plays a really special part in growing my personality. My teacher was super active in all that she teaches plus she was super energetic. The energy was passed on to the students also to perform energetically with studies. My favourite teachers were the ones who taught me something special plus they left a great impact on my personality. It was not only the one specific teacher who was on my favourite list. It would be unfair to choose only one teacher to be the favourite. My teachers were the ones who always tried to make me a better person. They were always pinpointing my mistake to make me realize my mistake and move ahead with humbleness.

My teacher was really sweet as a person but when students do something wrong she can become the whole other strict person. I used to admire my teacher for all the greatness she carried within her personality plus made us carry forward her legacy to make our own identity. My teacher taught me to learn the most basic manners to make life decisions with her guidance. She taught me all in the shortest period. I admire her as a teacher as well as the person she was.

Essay on My Teacher

My personal story of Teachers in my life

I will start with each teacher who left a place in my heart to date. First will be the one who taught in the kindergarten classes. She was a sweet lady with so much positive energy to spread among the students. She always encouraged me as a student and appreciated me for all the work or achievements I did in my class. The very next teacher in my life was in the 1st standard where she was in love with me like literally in love. She used to adore me, love me, appreciate me and the fun fact was I was the eldest in my whole class so she would tell other students to call me didi. I was blown away with the kind of love she showered down upon me. 

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Also, another teacher of mine was handicapped. But she managed to become a teacher which in itself is a commendable achievement. On top of that, she was never ashamed of what she was as a person and behaved as the normal teachers would do to students. She was an inspiration to so many girls due to her strength and courage to be the real hero in our life at such a young age. 

She left a piece of encouragement in my personality that no matter what you have to move ahead in your life.

Then so many teachers came into my life and all were excellent with their teaching skills. Teachers are meant to teach you all the basic things in your life. However, they sometimes leave a positive impact on our personality or sometimes a negative impact. All the teachers should always try to install the only good things on a child’s mind rather than putting them in a bad light and leaving a negative impact.

Moving ahead, I had some seriously negative teachers and they have made me feel low about myself only. A teacher mustn’t be partial and biased towards one student. This makes the other student feel low and disgusted about themselves. A good teacher should be very encouraging to all the students. Plus they should treat every student with love and respect and the teachings they have to share.

My teacher in my last grades of school was the best teacher I ever had in my life. They taught me the most amazing things in my life. My teachers taught me how to be gentle yet strong, religious yet rebellious and no matter what be the one who brings the change. It was a very beautiful year of my life. At that time I used to get irritated with them. But with time I realized how much they have taught me in life. It was very gracious of my teachers to make me feel loved and appreciated all the way. It was really special and the teachers were super amazing with their work. 

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Teaching is a profession that is highly regarded as a noble profession plus it has a lot of respect. Every person who has made an effort to make us understand or learn something has played the role of the teacher in your life. Also, the first-ever teacher in our life is the mother. From the day a child is born they are mostly surrounded by the mother. And the very first thing a child learns is through her mother.

Our First teacher

A mother is the first teacher of our life. They should be respected and celebrated as the best teachers of our life every day. The love and kindness she carries within for her child to make him or she understands some things is beyond measurable. She will scold you, teach you, love you and sometimes get upset with you but she will never give up on you. The mother is already a loving creature towards her child but when she becomes a teacher to her child she makes sure that she installs all the right things in her child to make them a better person in the future.

My incident about the teachers in my life

I want to elaborate on one incident where I was too embarrassed and guilty of my mistake only when my favourite class teacher rectified it to me. This incident happened when I was in grade 5 in my school. So one of my favourite Marathi teachers said something to me and I was very upset with her. After some time she tried calling me to her but due to my ego and anger, I refused to go to her. She got really angry at me again and scolded me so much.  

I was again double upset and angry with her for her behaviour towards me. I was very firm that I did the right thing and was over the moon about my decision to let her down. The very next day my class teacher called me and asked me to explain the whole incident. I did and then she started making me understand the whole scenario in a different light with so much politeness that I was half embarrassed right there. She made me understand that what I did was not the right attitude to show to a teacher. After that, I wrote a letter of apology to my Marathi teacher and she was very happy with my gesture of realization of my mistake. This only narrates that a teacher is the biggest teaching tool in our life and that tools are long-lasting ones till our deaths.

Essay on My Teacher In English


In addition, My teacher was the biggest influential person I ever had in my life. They served me everything they owned and I in return need to be the one to make them proud everywhere I go. My teachers always try to solve my query in difficult subjects plus they correct me for my wrong attitude towards any other teacher or students. I feel blessed to have got the best teachers in my life. I am honoured and thankful to them for everything they have done for me and the kind of impact they left on my personality.

Furthermore, Teachers work hard their entire life just to make sure that the students are learning something good from them. It is one of those professions where you earn less but you give more. It’s a beautiful profession to be in and not everyone can handle the perks and goodness a teacher carries. They work day and night for the betterment of the child’s career and future. They are the one behind the success of any child’s future plus they also serve their country by installing so much information and knowledge on the youths to make a better career to make their country proud among the World.

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