Short Essay On Teacher in English

In this essay we are going to talk about the Teacher. The person who helps us learn new and important things in our whole life is known as a teacher. A teacher can be found anywhere, and a valuable lesson at any time. There are many types of teachers. Some teach you in your younger age like primary and kindergarten schools. Some teach us in middle, junior high and high schools. When a teacher teaches in a college or university, they are known as professors.

You can find different methods of teaching, some explain verbally, some teach with the help of blackboard or whiteboard. But during Covid-19 they taught online too. They help students with their work, give them knowledge, introduce them to new things, help them explore.

Short Essay On Teacher in English

Most of the students worship their teachers. They consider them as a special blessing from God. Because only a teacher encourages us to build something better or have a better life. They make us believe in fighting a battle with pen over sword. A teaching position is considered a much esteemed position in our society. They have earned their respect at a very high level. They are considered as the building blocks of society to make a better world and better human beings.

Being a teacher is not a simple profession. It comes with a great responsibility. But not every teacher is considered good. There are two types of teachers.

A good teacher and a bad teacher.

Essay On Teacher

A Good Teacher

Mostly all the teachers are good, they are not hard to find. They are well-prepared. They have studied for their degree with utmost dedication. They focused on their goals and reached wherever they are. They have earned their respect. These teachers possess a good knowledge about the subject and life too. They help students in having a better life. They work for maximum productivity. A good teacher doesn’t stop learning to teach their students the best.

A good teacher also works as a friend. They help us in all our troubles. They create a unique learning process to help us understand the best. They ensure that their students are learning in an efficient way.

They not only focus on academic performance but also help in students’ overall development. They know how to make a student thrive. They try to understand student’s performance and do not pressure them of any sort. They help them deal with the problem. They make sure a student has someone to talk to. They don’t want to make a student feel lonely.

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Impact of Teachers

When we are growing up only our parents and teachers have the greatest impact on our life. Whoever we are right now is because of them only. At a younger age, kids rely on their teachers to learn new things. They put their complete faith in teachers and listen to them more than anyone. This shows how important teachers are for little kids.

As we grow older, our teachers start becoming our friends. Some are even role models to some students. Many students get inspired by teachers in life. Teachers make us selfless and help us learn new things.

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Role of teacher

A teacher doesn’t stick to the role of a teacher. They adapt themselves according to the students. For some they work as mentors, for some they are their friends. They take care of us like parents.

They have the role of making children knowledgeable and cultured. They are known as the creator of the nation. They inspire us to make our surroundings better. With their immense knowledge, patience and love they play a major role in everyone’s life. They don’t only concentrate themselves but also help students to concentrate on their studies.

They help students in having a successful life, respect everyone. They are considered as prestigious people in our society. They dedicate their whole life teaching other valuable lessons. They encourage us to have a better lifestyle. They make students responsible enough to own their mistakes.

Parents also have high expectations from teachers. They trust them to leave their kids with teachers. They know that they will teach them only good things. Their kids are in good hands only. According to them, teachers are responsible for their kids’ every activity.

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Importance of Teacher

Teachers are considered the most important in every field. At every point of your life you need a teacher. They distribute their qualities among students. They improvise from student to student as they know not everyone has the same ability to learn. They also work as a great listener, helper and many more. They bring light into students’ lives. They give lessons which will be helpful throughout their whole life. They teach us to give and take respect. They teach us how it’s unfair to judge someone and insult them. They give their best to make us understand. They utilise all of their skills only to make us successful.

A teacher will also make you aware about bad things in the world. They also teach to utilise time and resources better. A good teacher always has a good impression on students. You will not hear anything about them ever. From studies to having a good lifetime they teach us many things. They don’t make us feel bad if we make any mistake. They also teach us to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and how it is important to be clean every time. They want us to treat everyone better.

A child’s future and present both are dependent on a teacher. Only a teacher has a chance to make someone’s life better and happier. They help children make a good life.

Essay On Teacher In English

Hard work done by teacher

Becoming a good teacher is not an easy thing. It takes a whole lot of effort to be a successful teacher. First, a teacher needs to respect everyone in order to teach their students. Then they need to study a lot. It takes a lot of concentration to become a teacher.

A teacher needs to have good habits. They should not discriminate against anyone. They should also have a sense of unity in heart. To Make society a better place should be the utmost priority. They should always encourage students for a better life. They should not criticize anyone.

Some teachers release their frustration on students by hitting them with slaps or rulers, which is not a good thing. But they do not have a bad feeling about students. Everyone has a different way to educate. But they have their students’ best interest at heart.

Teachers play a great role in our life and their contribution is maximum. They put a lot of effort into teaching. So to honour them a day is also dedicated to them.

5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day to honour their contribution.

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