Short Essay On Raksha Bandhan

In this essay we are going to talk about the Raksha Bandhan. India is a vast country that’s rich in heritage and culture. Other than this, the country is also known for its wide variety of food, clothing, languages and of course festivals. Living in a country that has a diversity of religions, customs, and cultures, can indeed be a wonderful thing to cherish. Apart from food, clothing and languages, our country has a unique way of showing off its rich culture through its festivals.

Short Essay On Raksha Bandhan

There are a lot of festivals celebrated all over the country, from North to South. Some of the most popular festivals include Diwali, Holi, Sankranti, Eid, Navaratri, Pongal, Yugathi, Onam, Ganesh Chaturthi, and a lot more! Some of these festivals are times where one can truly enjoy to his/her heart’s content, while some are celebrated to remind people of the purpose of their family members. Some examples of such festivals include Karwa Chauth, Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Dhooj etc. Karwa Chauth is a festival meant for married couples where spouses fast for each other’s longevity and good health, whereas Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dhooj are meant for brothers and sisters. The most popular festival that would instantly pop in anyone’s mind regarding brothers and sisters is Raksha Bandhan. It is a festival that is celebrated all over India by Hindus during the end of the Hindu lunar calendar month of Shraavana.

The word Raksha Bandhan is derived from the Sanskrit language, which denotes “bond of protection.” In this ceremony, the sister ties a thread which is well designed with stones and other decors, called a Rakhi on her brother(s) wrist and the brother in return presents her with gifts and makes a promise to protect her and fulfil his duties unto her as a brother. The festival indeed showcases the beautiful bond, the love and affection between a brother and a sister.

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Such festivals, along with its great colorful and eye-catching vibes can only be witnessed in our country. However, due to modernization, a lot has changed in the way the traditions are followed during these festivals. Of course, there is no one to blame on this regard but at the same time, it is not just the situation that has pushed a lot of people to simplify things and increase minimalism in everything that is being carried out even during the festive seasons.

Essay On Raksha Bandhan

The reasons to this cannot just be put forth under one word or even in a sentence, because the reasons are not limited to one but many. Despite having a life full of ease with all the technology and other advancements, not everyone gets to cherish the joy, happiness, memories, and traditional vibes that an actual festival is supposed to yield.

In fact, some even don’t get to celebrate any festivals at all! The reason could be either out of their choice, or loss of belief or even just the situation that they might be tackling with on their end. What has even become worse is the resulting consequences. A lot of families are breaking, there is no genuine bond between people and the list just goes on. So having seen the reality of today, let us have a look at some of the reasons to why Raksha Bandhan is no longer celebrated like it used to be celebrated once upon a time!

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Nuclear Families

As modernization is increasing, a country like ours, which is supposed to be an example of rich culture has now become one of the countries with the greatest number of nuclear families. Yes, it is good to have some privacy and some space alone but that doesn’t mean that one must detach away from the family that they have been with right from the time of their birth! Now this is a situation that must be perceived from both sides.

Let’s try to get a better understanding with a help of an exemplar scenario. There is a joint family comprising of a husband, wife, children and of course the husband’s parents and if he has any other brothers younger or older to him. Someday, some sort of issue comes into the family and the family fall apart entirely due to which the couple, along with their children move out of the house and settle elsewhere, away from them. This results in a nuclear family.

So, what happens here is that the situation doesn’t just go away like the way in which it came in; the aftermath of it is what will come in the form of negative impacts not just on one individual but the whole family. Now let’s look at their children; let’s say the couple have two daughters and no sons and the only brothers the two daughters had were their cousins, i.e., children of the husband’s brother.

So now that they are separated from the joint family and now a nuclear family, they don’t even get to celebrate Raksha Bandhan or even cherish the joy and happiness that it brings along! Of course, yes, one shouldn’t always be tolerant of what is happening in their house or amongst their family, but at the same time, there is no problem without a solution! Time heals all wounds and changes people as it passes, so why punish your children and yourself over a dispute that can be solved at some point or the other!


Technology is one of the major booms that has come about. Obviously, it has made lives easy, and a lot of advancements have always proven to be favorable to us. However, this same technology is one of the major reasons to why festivals are not being celebrated in the proper traditional manner. It has isolated individuals from their families despite their physical presence to such an extent that even wishes on a festival are exchanged through messages. If at all, there is some sort of celebration, it is only to show off on the social media platforms. This will never yield any sort of core contentment not because it is temporary but because it is not something that is genuine. It is just something that is meant to be posted for the sake of likes and comments.

Letting these aside, even marriages are taking place online! So, when something that is related to the life of two people has found a virtual occurrence technique, then how on earth can we even expect festivals to occur with full satisfaction?! Not just weddings, but also death funeral of a loved one is witnessed online because of a simple excuse of not being able to come due to work. Well, if the priorities are re-revised, then such excuses would not have any place! So, although this technology has helped people to connect with the world, it has played a major role in isolating people from their families and bringing about a fade in traditional festivals like as a result.

Essay On Raksha Bandhan In English

Lack of Attachment

Another major factor is lack of attachment amongst brothers and sisters. In this world, people have become so lustrous towards materialism that they have forgotten the values of their family members. If at all, there is some reason to approach them, then it is only out of some expectation or maybe even to get something done through them. Let us understand this better with the aid of an example. Let us consider the nuclear family, where there is a brother and a sister living along with their parents.

Now on Raksha Bandhan, there could be only two possibilities; either the sister would want to be a part of the festival out of an expectation to get a gift or she simply has no value towards the festival at all! The probability scale here would mostly point towards the first possibility since people of today are blindfolded by the temporary joys yielded by mere materialistic things. In other words, the happiness would eventually fade off as the materialistic gift gets old with time.

Another rare possibility could be that Raksha Bandhan is celebrated only because they are forced by their parents or there is pressure from their extended family, or they need pictures to show off on their social media platforms. With the introduction of modernization, and its continual evolution, the detachment amongst blood related siblings have drastically increased.

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Well, a lot of people from our country have migrated, and are still migrating in search of a better living to other countries. Although this is for a good cause, what they are missing out are these small aspects of happiness that are quite rare these days even in our country. Due to the fact that they are not able to make it back to their home country, things often virtualize as a result. Although sometimes during certain situations or maybe due to hectic work life makes it difficult for them to travel back home on account of such occasions, a lot of people misuse this at the same time, often making an excuse claiming that they didn’t get holidays, or they are simply not in the condition to travel back.

This is wrong, because they leave the country in search of a better life, and when they acquire that life, they forget the fact that they have a family who yearn for their return home! They often lose value towards their family which automatically leads to doing things out of obligation and ends up in not at all doing anything. There is nothing as precious as having a loving family in this world. There are a lot of people who yearn for it but still can’t have one either due to fate or circumstances. In fact, the richest are those who are blessed with a loving and affectionate family. So, there is nothing wrong in acquiring some sort of happiness by being with them at least during festivals like Raksha Bandhan!

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