Short Essay On My Hobby

In this essay we are going to talk about the My hobby. We are human beings and every human is unique. We eat, sleep, talk, play and do all kinds of necessary things which every human do. We work in school offices and finishes our tasks. As we are unique and possess different characters, nature and passion so do we also have different hobbies.

Short Essay On My Hobby

Hobbies are activities which we love to do in our free time. For eg. Let person A be a bank manager and his hobby be painting. So whenever A will get free time or a break from the usual job he will do a painting just to relax and refresh his mind by indulging in painting. Person A will not be a professional painter he will only do it for fun.

A person can have more than one hobby. Some may like writing others may like reading it just varies from person to person.

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Is it necessary to have a hobby?

We are humans and not machines. We all need a break from our daily routine and in that break what can be better than doing what we like.

Having a hobby benefit you in many ways, it improves your mental health, it improves your skill, it improves your concentration in your profession. It has been proved that employees who get more weekends perform better in their usual work than those who hardly get a day off.

So we are now well familiar with the term ‘Hobby’.

Essay On My Hobby


1. Reading and Writing

Now I will tell you about the activities which I like to do when I get free time and how they have benefitted me and what you can learn from me.

When I was in class 10, I had no interest. I used to buy a few books after being impressed by their cover page but never gave time to them. In my free time, I just used to watch T.V. and play a few games on my phone. After completing class 10, I met a friend who was very good at English. He used to read a lot, he wrote poems and I was impressed by his knowledge of world history, politics, novels and his reading speed were unmatchable. He suggested a few basic books and I started reading them.

I wanted to be an avid reader like him so I invested all of my time in reading the book suggested by him. It took me a week to finish those two books and that was one of the best feelings I had when I saw myself completely understanding the story, learning new words and completing the task in very little time.

I ordered a few more books from Amazon and reading became fun. Whenever I got free time I used to read. This increased my knowledge of various subjects, improved my marks in English as well. My vocabulary was improving and I also found a slight increase in my concentration too. Reading became my hobby and this hobby became my habit.

After completing my schooling I took admission to a college in July 2019. It was in mid-2020 when Covid-19 was declared a pandemic and my exams of the first year were cancelled.

I had plenty of time to read more books but due to lockdown, It became difficult to buy books from the shops and even from Amazon too as they paused their delivery. But, Where there’s a will there’s a way, I started reading E-books. I came across many apps like Quora, Wattpad and blogger. I read many articles there and thought to write as well and give it a try.

I made a quora account and started writing on it. Soon my answers began receiving views and it gave me some confidence. I showed my work to my friends and they appreciated it. I started exploring apps on the play store which could improve my writing skills. I came across Grammarly, Vocabulary builder, Wattpad, WordPress and Your quote. I started using them and on Your quote I posted poems. Many people began liking them which again boosted my confidence. I kept writing every day and my new hobby was writing. I wrote when I was happy when I was sad. It relaxed me and made me realize that I am good at something creative.

I wanted to develop and learn more about my hobbies so that I can convert them into skills so I took a course of Content Writing on Internshala and applied for internships and here I am writing this. 

Finding what you like and making them your hobby also help you a lot in future as you learn new skills and a skilled person is a successful person.

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2. Travelling

Reading and writing are two of my hobbies on which I gave my extra time and converted them to my skills. But I have many other hobbies which are my best stress reliever and travelling is one the things I enjoy the most. During my winter and summer vacation, I often plan to go out with a few of my friends. We usually prefer to go to a hill station. As we go out we come across different cultures, traditions. Our communication skill has improved a lot and this hobby of travelling has given birth to many more hobby.

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3. Photography

As I told you we travel during the vacation so a camera is mandatory to keep the memories alive and I love to capture the moment in a perfect shot. A camera is my best friend during travelling. I have learned many tricks of how to use a camera and how to click good photos.

I also clicked the photos of local tribes in Nagaland and various remote places of India and those photos were featured in my college magazine as well. In the beginning, I knew nothing about the camera but once I started handling it and tried to learn about it, I began clicking good photos.

4. Sketching

I am not good at it but still, I try to sketch my favourite superheroes and actors. The starting is always hard and many sketches remain unfinished but few turns out to be perfect which I paste on my wall and gazing at them gives me too much happiness.

After seeing the sketches on my wall my friends request me to make one for them as well and this again boosts my confidence. 

Sketching needs too much time and patience for anyone who is trying out as a newbie therefore it will teach you how to be patient and increase concentration as well.

5. Gardening

This hobby is my favourite of all. Every morning I wake up early to walk in my small garden. Touching its leaves and its cool refreshing smell just makes fills me with positive energy. 

Whenever there’s a holiday in college, I plan to prune and trim the private hedge in my garden. I uproot the roots, remove the dried leaves and plant new plants if required in the garden. I keep it lush green and as I have ‘Botany’ subject in my college course so it benefits me as well.

Essay On My Hobby In English

6. Yoga

This is the hobby that has benefitted me the most. During the pandemic, I came to know how beneficial Yoga is for us. Few 30-40 minutes of Yoga in the correct way has numerous mental and physical health benefits. 

After 2 -3 weeks of Yoga, I started noticing improvement in my digestion. I started getting proper sleep and good digestion. I used to have a stiff neck and that also has improved a lot due to Yoga. This is the hobby I will keep continuing in the later years of my life as well and will also promote others to do it.

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These were all my hobbies which have benefitted me the most and which I practise till now. I would suggest that in this busy schedule everyone should make some time for himself and do what he/she likes to do it. Many people remain so busy in their work that they forget that they are humans and not machines.

Humans need a break and our universal hobby should be to take a break whenever we need it after we are exhausted physically and mentally. The era has started where mental health is given importance and people are aware of how prolonged stress and pressure can ruin someone’s life.

We as humans should also promote our parents, friends, teachers etc. to take breaks. Ask them about their hobbies and tell them to give some time themselves and do what they like. You will also learn a lot and also share what you like to do with them.

Hobbies are part of life and every normal human being who love himself in his free time has a list of activities which he wants to do. We should always be against toxic work culture and should focus more on mental and physical well being. By this, only the people of our nation will be healthy and a healthy citizen leads to a prosperous country. It starts from you, “A person without a hobby is like a cake without cream.”

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