How can I learn to speak English fluently at home?

In this essay we are going to talk about the How can I learn to speak English fluently at home? This world has a lot for the ones who are desperate to learn. More you explore, more you understand. A fluency in English has always been a topic of discussion. English is the world’s common language. Many people are still failing in attempts to do so. This may be because it’s actually a little difficult to do so.

How can I learn to speak English fluently at home?

If you don’t have English as your mother tongue or your native language, then there are more chances of you to face the challenge in speaking fluent English. If you are a very keen learner, then trust me, you can actually learn and master in speaking English at home!

How can I learn to speak English fluently at home?

Rich Vocabulary

You must have wiser choice of vocabulary if you want to speak English fluently. Try to learn new words every day. Set a target for yourself. Make sure you achieve it on time. Make time for yourself. Widen up your circle of words. The limit can be purely up to you, like- three to thirty words a day. In fact if you can just contribute a word per day, it’s enough. But, make sure you grow every day.

Everything is worth trying. Just imagine, if you learn three new words each day and even if you take a leave for 10-12 days in a year, you would have learnt about 1,060 or even more words by the end of the year. How amazing it sounds! A good exercise you can consider is, listen to English songs you like. Take a look on the lyrics. Try to speak it. Concentrate on the sync between the lyrics, music and timing. From words, shift to phrases and then new sentences. For example, for a simple beverage or drinks you can consider saying- A cup of Tea, A pot of Coffee and A glass of Wine.

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Time to Improve Pronunciation

After you learn a word, all you need to do is learn to spell it. You may come across with a lot of rich vocabulary. You may also figure out new words that you haven’t heard before. But it is really very important to know the correct pronunciation of it. What fun it has to learn a word without knowing how to spell it out! If you fail to pronounce it correctly, there are more than 80% chances that the listener is not going to understand it. So the learning goes to no use if you cannot exhibit to the listener. For improving the speaking skills or the pronunciation, you can try tongue twisters. They can actually boost up your speaking skills. Learning a proper pronunciation is essential for creating a clarity while you speak.

Keep it all Natural

Let yourself create a flow when you speak. Let it come out in an accent. You can have a look on when you hear out a poetry or music. You will notice that it merely looks made. It is all natural. That something connecting the natural scent and you is the flow. For this you can link similar words, sounds. Like you can shift to a pause wherever required. You can switch to another sound while making a sudden disappear in the first one. For example, prefer saying I’m than I am, Don’t instead of Do not. Focus on stressing out the syllables and sounds in a word. Know the ups and downs of a word. You can also link the rhythm.

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Mirror is going to be your Best Friend

Talk to yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and speak what you feel. You will get stuck sometimes, but trying this out is definitely going to work. It can be anything from making silly things to talking about life. Compliment yourself. Say it a loud. Just go straight into the mirror and say what you want. You can even read. You can even record yourself and listen to it later.

Build up your Confidence

The biggest barriers in developing English speaking skills is confidence. It is something that all language learners have difficulty with and one of the best ways to overcome this is to get out there and practice. Practice talking in English with strangers. You can even try the previous point, Talking in front of a mirror. This can actually increase and boost up your confidence.

Give your 100% Participation

While doing daily activities, try to talk in English. Make sure you use correct words and form perfect sentences and phrases. Listen to the debates. Try to switch listening news in English rather than the local language. Write down if you are wrong. Read English newspaper. If you have any little child at you home, you actually talk to him or her in English. With this, you yourself will be benefitted at first. Also, the child would also learn something new. Discuss your day with your family in English. In your discussion, you can include your daily activities, your routine work, your hectic life or just normal chores. Practice online. Write articles, short stories, narrate then to your friends and family in English.

Consistency is very Important

Make sure you practice every single day. Try to be regular. Do not skip any day. Remember, the more you invest your time, more you get benefitted. It has been rightly said, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Follow this quote. Make this as your Mantra. This means even if you are tired or unwilling to do, or if you want to take a break, you must uplift yourself and convince to do it.

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The Happy Learning

Learn everything willingly. Look, if you actually want to do something, then only you can achieve your goal. You cannot do anything half-heartedly. Do it whole-heartedly. Have a look on online courses. Indulge yourself in being choosy with the language. For example, as soon as you download any mobile phone/ PC application, choose English as the default language.

How can I learn to speak English fluently at home In English?

Think in English

This activity can actually help you out. Consider this as a therapy or an exercise. You are your Best Friend as well as the Worst Enemy. So be wise in this. Be honest to yourself. Switch to English while thinking.

Favourable Surroundings

You must find a partner other than you yourself with whom you can speak in English. This will not just build up your confidence but also enhance their skills too. As mentioned earlier, find a child. This will build an environment around you where you can, without any hesitation, talk in English. With this, you will not just master this skill, but also know more and explore more about it.

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