Short Essay On Success

In this essay we are going to talk about the Success. Success, one of the most used term in student life. But not everyone succeeds in life. Success has different definition to different people. What is success to you might not be success to others. And someone else’s success might not be success for you. You will find an essay on success on this article. It may help you to understand the different meanings of success and boost yourself up if you have been feeling low lately.

Short Essay on success

You cannot find permanent definition of success because success is a relative term. The meaning of success varies for one person to another .Nevertheless, we can that the being able to feel satisfied with whatever you have achieved in life and the achieved whatever you have ever dreamt of , is what makes a life successful.

A fulfilling life is not rigidly about having all the worldly and materialistic comfort around. To some degree, this may be true but not in complete sense. It is a very microscopic way to measure success of any person. So it has been understood that success is an abstract notion. Let us explore some basic questions about it. Have you ever thought about what success means to you? What are the things, if you achieve, can make you feel successful? What does your heart yearns for? Will fame make you feel successful or money will convince you to feel successful?

Essay on success 

All these questions are very essential. These questions will make your mind clearer and help you set your priorities more rationally. We need to keep in mind that a virtue that appeals to you might not mean the same to other person. All of us have their own goals and preferences in their lives. The core is regardless of what the goal is, we can be successful in our lives as long as we are satisfied in whatever we are doing. If we are happy with our life then we are successful. Success could be – having a loving family, a well paying job, security or freedom to live the way you want to live. Anything, no matter how huge or little, if it fills us with a sense of purpose and gratifies the heart leads to success.

If you love your life the way it is, then success is yours. For a long period, our knowledge has been trained to trust that only way to success is money. We have always confused ourselves between money and happiness. However, we cannot really trust this notion. Undoubtedly, wealth is a powerful means to create comfort and security for us. But if it was the only thing required to make us happy then why would the rich people deal with depression and later commit suicide? We need to give a thought on that and wonder.  

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Life is a rollercoaster ride and we all have our problems. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Overcoming these weaknesses is a victory itself. If we plan to step out from our comfort zone to achieve something then it is a win itself. We cannot confine ourselves to monetary gains. Money can technically make you feel rich and you may not get access to the truest joy.

There are many definitions to success. But all the things depend on our ability to recognize them. Let us explore such definitions.

We all have heard the famous quote, “health is wealth”. We need to understand the concealed value of this quote today more than ever. This pandemic has made us learn the true value of health. We have lost many souls in this pandemic. We have all got affected one way or other in this pandemic. Money could not save many lives from the deadly virus. We need to ask ourselves if we would enjoy everything in the same way if we have any kind of chronic illness. Obviously not, none of us wishes for severe illness. For people who are dealing with such kind of illness, fighting such illness will be a success for them.

For the sentimental and emotional hearts, their loved ones being there with them with loyalty will be success. Taking care of them properly will be a real win-win situation. A person who cares for the society, for that person the true meaning of success will be having peace and happiness in the society. Or having full-fledged human rights can be success to them.

Even monetary gain can be success for lots of people. There are many people out there who just aim to be rich. For their perception, money can buy them anything and everything and that is their ultimate want in life.

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But we need to understand one thing for fact that ultimate aim of life is to lead a happy, simple and meaningful life. This could be about having no regrets and ill feelings towards others. This could be having a stable yet very simple life. This could be being true to our loved ones as well.

The main objective is that success cannot be put into a single category. And comparing one’s goals with someone else’s growth can be meaningless. The parameters of success is ought to be different for everyone as journey of life is different for everyone.

Success to students is whole new chapter. The key to a successful academic life is a want to a large population. It is one of the greatest parameters of success.  Even in student life, success has different meaning. For some, academic grades are everything; on the other hand, there is a bunch of students who believe that discipline is supreme in life. We also come across students who take the life for granted and do not really wish for any academic progression.

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We need to understand that academic success is limited to a number of subjects and we cannot really mark a child’s potential based on that. Moreover, we have trained our minds to believe the fact that only excellent grades can tell us about our intelligence. Grades do matter but not to the extent we think. Most of the theories we learn in school are never used in real life. Bookish knowledge can only be the minimalistic parameter of success. It does not train us to deal with real time challenges.  In long run, only our experiences will feed us.

This does not mean that books cannot be taken seriously. We need to understand that these things to play a partial role in forming our personalities. But not being good in these stuffs does not means the end of the world. We still have preferences. We need to remember that there are many great people who never went to school or were thrown out of school. Some of these personalities are Einstein, Newton etc. All we need to remember that we should never lose hope.

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Somewhere or other, success and hard work walk hand in hand. But we need to remember that we can only work hard when we are physically doing fine .Generally, people tend to ignore health a lot to work hard to succeed in life. We need to keep this in mind that without following a healthy lifestyle we can lead nowhere in life.  

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After all these things, there is an important aspect of success. If we crave for success then we should know that we are ought to face failure. Failure is a part of success. Failure is somewhat an inevitable part of the process of success. It is just like the two sides of a coin. And that is the reason why we should never fear failure. Because without failure, we cannot reach our goal. The only thing we should be scared about is not making efforts to reach our goal. We should always keep trying. Not making efforts even makes us lose the slightest chance of success. We should keep learning from our mistakes and failures. No book can really teach us the things which experience can teach us.

Essay on success In English

Success is a conscientious process. It asks for dedication and concentration with consistency. We need to remember that there is no shortcut to success. In the process of success, we should never look back. There will be times when we will feel like giving up but we have to keep going. Life goes on anyway, so should we. The one and only mantra to success is hard work. And we have to keep moving through put the process.

Success is a relative term. We need to remember the fact no matter how much money we have; money cannot buy us happiness and love. True success is something which will satisfy our souls. Success is something will fill your life joy and happiness. We need to become a happy person before becoming a successful person.

This was an essay on success. It might have given you a little idea about success. Thank you.

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