Short Essay On Water Pollution

In this essay we are going to talk about the Water pollution. Pollution is the invasion of harmful or unwanted bacteria in the environment with water, air, soil, sound pollution, etc. Pollution is toxic and harmful for the people plus the environment also. Every type of pollution degrades the environmental condition causing numerous harmful germs and diseases. Also, it affects human beings plus animal health badly. Pollution is an environmental issue all over the world. Furthermore, it is also the main cause behind so many premature deaths and harmful diseases in every country across the world.

People suffer a lot from pollution and the irony is the people are the ones who are creating the pollution.

Water pollution is one type of environmental invasion of harmful bacteria. In this type, there is an invasion of unwanted particles in water. It can be the reason for many harmful things in the environment. Also, water is being polluted with bacteria, germs, harmful substances and many useless materials. This makes the water polluted and creates innumerable deaths from unusual diseases.

Short Essay on Water Pollution

Water pollution is mostly caused by industrialization, agricultural resources, ruralization, etc. The unwanted substances from several industries are thrown in water plus the harmful chemicals along with dirty water float through the water resources such as rivers, lakes, seas, etc. This makes the water gets polluted with harmful materials. Also, in rural areas people wash their clothes, utensils, take baths from the water resources and eventually, they use the polluted water only. It drastically affects the health of people, especially children. They have been diagnosed with harmful diseases. Sometimes it also causes deaths due to the lack of medical facilities available in rural areas. 

Essay On Water pollution

Water pollution destroys the whole environmental system badly with its negative consequences. The environment gets a bad odour from the dirty water and becomes a cause of several insects. And then it creates a disease that eventually affects human beings as well as the animals living in the environment. People are scared of the harmful consequences of water pollution but they are ready to take precautionary measures to prevent them from getting polluted. There should be more awareness among the people about the harmful effects caused by water pollution and how it can make their health worse. So that they are attentive to take the precautionary steps to not get affected by the water pollution causes.

Furthermore, water pollution has been increasing over the years. As with increasing industrial areas to manufacture more products. And the more you produce the more waste is going to be produced. These wastes can either be solid or liquid( harmful chemicals, dirty water)All these are trashed in the nearest water resources most of the time. There is a connection of pipes built to throw this dirty water into the clean water. In rural areas, people are forced to use this dirty water only due to the scarcity of water resources. They lack water in their areas and suffer a lot to have enough water for their basic necessity.

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Effects of water pollution

It mostly affects human health and makes them worse with several diseases. It kills so many human lives including premature deaths. A report suggests that 1.8 million people have died in the year 2015 due to water pollution. Poor people suffer mostly from water pollution as they are exposed to dirty water frequently. The polluted water contains harmful pathogens which make people sick with the diseases such as cholera, giardia, and typhoid. 

Along with human life water pollution causes algal bloom in a lake which pollutes the environment as well. It also makes our environment dirty with polluted water. Furthermore, water pollution also affects forest life, it causes eutrophication. Eutrophication causes suffocation to plants and animals which increases the death rate in forest life. Plants and animals are destroyed in large numbers due to water pollution. Plus the aquatic life also gets drastically affected due to water pollution. The harmful chemicals and unwanted metals from several industries along with wastewater pollute the water plus affect aquatic life with harmful germs and bacteria.

Furthermore, the oil spills from the ships and tankers go directly into the water bodies which causes water pollution. The old is not soluble in water and it floats on the surface of water. This reduces the flow of oxygen in the water and aquatic life including marine animals plus plants affected badly and increases the pollution in the water.

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Importance of water

Water is a natural resource and it is the most basic necessity in human life. Almost most of the Earth’s part is covered with water. It has some 71% of the area covered with water and the rest 29% is only land. Which specifies that water is available in large abundance on our Earth. However, it needs to be preserved and kept clean to make the most of it. If we don’t look into the fact to keep the water clean and tidy then we will lack the water. In addition, we have to suffer for even a drop of water. As wasting or polluting water will lead to the scarcity of water and we will not be able to use water for our daily use.

Even our body needs water in abundance to be hydrated all the time. Water is the source of hydration which our body needs to work in a stable position. Low water levels in our body can lead to dehydration plus can create a lot of issues or problems within the body. Furthermore, the water in our body makes use of it in all the present cells, organs, and tissues, to aid regulation of body temperature plus to keep other body functions steady. As our body throws the water outside through breathing, sweating, and digestion. So it is really important to hydrate now and then by having water or fluids.

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How to prevent Water Pollution?

Water pollution has caused several threats to the environment. We need to know how to prevent it and control the water pollution level in some of the best ways possible. We all should strive to reduce the harmful consequences caused by water pollution by eliminating the bad habits we have to make the water dirty. A small change can bring a large change in the environment which is being polluted.

Essay On Water pollution In English

Possible steps to prevent water pollution

  • Preserve Water: Our primary goal is first to protect the water and does not waste it without any use. Wasting water is a large-scale issue all over the world and it is leading us to the place where water is scarce.
  • Handling sewage properly: We all should strive to put the waste in the right place rather than throwing it in the water bodies. It will make a huge difference in reducing water pollution caused by sewage. Plus the agriculture and industries should reinvent the waste water by reducing the toxic content from it. It will make aquatic life safer and we can clean the water with these small efforts and tricks.
  • Utilizing environment-friendly products: we can include more products in our daily life that are soluble in water and don’t become pollutants in future to cause water pollution. In addition, we should reduce the waste which produces water pollution in our household and make our environment pollution free.
  • In addition, we can also take some preventive measures such as reducing plastic consumption, controlling leaks in cars, using fewer pesticides or the disposal of chemicals will ensure a safer environment and free from water pollution also.
  •  Adopting several waste management policies: We can also set up wastewater treatment plants to preserve the water bodies from getting contaminated by harmful substances and make our environment eco-friendly.
  • The government implemented the  National Water Quality Maintenance Program (NWQMP) to maintain the record on the water pollution level in the water bodies. Also, programs such as ‘Namami Gange’ and ‘Yamuna Action Plan’ are implemented on a bigger scale to prevent water pollution.
  • To spread awareness about the hazards of water pollution among the people and make them understand to prevent the water pollution by taking effective precautionary measures.


Together we can achieve a better environment which is free from pollution and we can have a safer world for our next generations. It can only be achieved when everyone puts their best foot forward and helps to prevent water pollution with their tiny efforts by reducing some products or by conserving water to reach the lowest level of water pollution in our environment.

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We need to take action and preserve our aquatic life, forest animals and water bodies from the contamination of harmful substances which are causing illness and destroying the whole food chain of the environment. We can contribute in any possible ways which are reducing water pollution and making our contribution as responsible citizens by all these. We can reduce the threats in healthcare of the environment due to the water pollution to the lowest numbers and protect all the humans as well as the animals, plants and aquatic life too.

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