What Do Happy Couples Do Together?

In this article we are going to talk about the What do happy couples do together. In the current generation of social media and smartphones, people have been seen to have a lack of patience and as a result, people are always looking out for better options and convenience. But, if you are someone who values your current relationship or you are just curious to know the secrets of a happy relationship, then this article is for you.

What do happy couples do together?

Here are the things that happy couples do together are listed below:

1. Cuddle


Cuddling is a form of love that couples do to show love and affection towards each other. Cuddling has many different variants such as hugging, romantic touch, and affectionate touch, and no matter how fresh your relationship is or how old it is, cuddling has been a constant activity that happy couples do together. It is a nonverbal form of love to show love and affection for your loved ones.

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2. Spend time together

Spend time together

No matter how busy your life is in the current scenario or if you are away from each other busy with your own hobbies, life, and career. Happy couples have the trait to allocate a fixed set of time for each other and that time spam is reserved only for the couples. In that time all couples have their own style of spending time with each other some just want to stay together at home, some go out for a movie cum date, some go out for a walk with a discussion happening together while some go out for a long drive. Everyone is different but the point here is to spend time together.

3. Help each other

Help each other

Helping each other when you are in a relationship shows love and care for your partner. You will always find that the happy couples are always doing something for their partner either emotionally or physically, it can be washing dishes, clothes, preparing a meal for your loved ones, helping your partner in their work if that is possible, standing to support your partner when it comes to helping their family, etc. It has a wide variety when we are talking about helping each other, sometimes your partner might not ask or require help but you will still do and the reason behind that is your love and the attempt to make them happy.

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4. Give each other enough space

Give each other enough space

While for all the previous points till now we were talking about spending time together, helping each other and cuddling, we should also accept the fact that couples spend over 60% of the time with each other and naturally this can make a relationship boring. Just imagine if you have to look at the face of your loved ones every day for 10  hours, wouldn’t that be boring? For that reason couples should have their own personal space that means their professional life, their hobbies, visiting their own family, doing fun stuff in their own space.

This will lead the couple to miss each other when they were in their own space and add something to talk about in their daily conversation. Having your own space is very powerful in a relationship and your own mental health as well and many happy couples often forget to give each other their mental space which leads to conflict and separation.

5. Communication


If you observe properly, you will find out that in a happy couple, both the partners are great communicators individually. as well as in that relationship. This does not mean if you are not a good communicator you will not indulge in a happy relationship. As time passes the couple become so good at active listening and talking with each other just to understand each other, they become great communicators. Communication is the key ingredient for a long-term happy relationship. Happy couples are found communicating with each other for a major amount of their time.

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6. Make joke together

Make joke together

Cracking jokes and having a sense of humor is another key ingredient for couples to be happy in a relationship. Happy couples are found cracking jokes and a good sense of humor. Cracking jokes together takes away all the boredom, pain, and worries from your life to a great extent. Factors such as jealousy, anger, and fear are canceled out if a couple has a great sense of humor and they spend some time making jokes together. It is even the building block of a strong and happy relationship.

7. Empathetic for each other

Empathetic for each other

There are specific situations when your partner makes a mistake that pisses you off. It can be a bad habit of your partner, an immature act, selfishness, or simply your partner is in trouble. If the partners feel empathetic towards each other, try to understand their problem, and find solutions to help the other person then this is proof that both of them show empathy. If you are an outsider and you see anyone person is helping another where it wasn’t required or where the act of help or understanding should not be done and you feel why are they so empathetic? Then the reason is the individuals in the relationship care more about the relationship than their ego and logic. This is a form of unconditional love that only the couples understand.

8. Flirting


Every relationship starts with the act of flirting. The act to show their loved ones that they are special and appreciating whether based on beauty, body, or emotional aspect. Flirting is a great way to sustain the relationship if it is an old relationship. It helps to keep a happy couple young and funny. Whether it’s the initial phase of a relationship or a serious committed form of relationship, flirting is like medicine that can be used when things are boring, couples are fighting or a lack of communication. Flirting is the pill for all diseases.

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9. Forgive each other

Forgive each other

Forgiving each other is the most important factor for a couple to be happy and sustain the relationship. In a relationship, it is obvious that people will have fights very often and no one can avoid that. If the relationship is real and the couples are meant to be for each other then couple fights come for free. But most of the breakups and divorce are due to a small fight that leads to a bigger one where no member in the relationship is accepting their mistake or forgiving the 2nd person. Ego is the factor for that, people bring their ego in the middle of the relationship, and hence the relationship breaks forever.

So, if you want to be a happy couple your attitude should be Ok, that person made this mistake, that person is my boyfriend/ girlfriend or spouse and that person is a part of me, so I will forgive that person. I value this relationship more than my ego and my logic. I proposed to this girl when I was 16 and now we are in our 30’s, so should we stuck ourselves for just an incident and leave that innocent childhood love? I want to forgive that person and continue my relationship with him/her. This should be your attitude if you want your relationship to be happy. Always think about why you guys decided to come together and be a happy couple in the 1st place rather than finding out each other’s mistake.

10. Express gratitude

Express gratitude

This is another strong factor of any happy couple in this world, Gratitude! When we start a relationship we are very happy and excited to have each other in our lives. But as time passes on and you are used to each other, we often forget to appreciate each other and express our gratitude for each other, expressing gratitude is a positive action that will cancel out all the insecurities, negativity, anger, and jealousy. Expressing gratitude is not just to make your loved ones feel special but is also an act of self-discipline.

As humans when we get access to something or someone, we get used to it and eventually we forget the importance of that thing. But imagine yourself in a position without your loved ones. How would you feel? Now take that feeling and transform your feeling into words, What would I do without you in my life? Life seems incomplete without you?  You always supported me when I was going through my dark phase. Statements like these will remind your partner that they are special and have a strong role in your life. Practice gratitude for your loved ones every day to be happy forever.

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If you consider yourself to be in a happy relationship and both you and your partner are considered to be a happy couple then congratulations. You are special and to stay happy in your relationship, practice all of the points given above every day to keep the fire alive in your relationship… If you are someone who is entering into a relationship or finding a solution, I would recommend you guys to read this article together and I promise you will find all your solutions by simply practicing the day-to-day activities mentioned above.

All the best!

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