Short Essay On Respect

In this essay we are going to talk about the Respect. Respect is the most important part in the life because without this no-one can live with happily life. Respect to other is a good manner because now days only less children are there who are good in the respect as if they were talking with their friends in school then they are ready to comment about the teacher as a wrong talks which show that you are not loyal to their teachers and they did not like the teacher as in form of all the sides. But this thing will make them guilty when they give exams in the exam hall because they can write every answer in which the teacher what has taught so at those time they understand the meaning of the respect.

Short Essay on Respect

As Respect mean to behave with your elder person in the term of the good behavior, good talks, good time spend, talk in a proper way with a due respect, be like a normal person etc.

There are some points which has to be kept in mind while we are doing respect with others like that can be explain by knowing the top 10 respects which is needed to do it to be as a respectful person let us take a look :–

1. Respect towards the Parents

In this generation the children are rarely said there parents as mummy and papa hardly with a great respectful but really during the old days or in the ancient years during the period of the Ramayana the Ramji god and their brother were really respect their father as they are god but really this is a concept that Parents are the beyond or next to god so respect to them is necessary in the life  of the child so respect them with a good talks, good wishing, touch their legs, say Namaste, never say those words which are not suitable for them as to parents etc.

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2. Respect to listen others

In this thing it is most important thing of the respecting topic because if the person is listening to other person with a proper concentration then it is a great and superior level respect because listing to other is a kind of giving importance to them so atleast listen to other as what exactly want to share so we are ready to listen them so try to listen your friends or anyone else who are sharing their things which is more important in life so always listen to other what he/she want to ask so they also get chance to share their thoughts with their trusted person.

Essay On Respect

3. Respect to Teachers

Respect to teachers is a best kind of things as in ancient times the Guru was consider as a King as even the real king of the territory was not consider as king but one guru is a king so they were respect on a high level manner and this thing should be done because if they will be no respect to teachers then they were wasting their knowledge to teach the children those who are not matter to them so thing is not kind we should has to respect our teachers with no-comments on them, wish them as per time, say goodbye to them, say hello everytime, do not bunk their lecture etc.

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4. Respect to friends

Giving respect to friends is a kind of a strange thing is I am right? But in the modern generation the children or the youth generation are not evenly calling their friends by their name they are ready to keep their nick-name and call them with their girlfriend and so on. But that person really hearts from the mind so this thing should not be done as they does not speak because they are best friends of yours and they are not ready to say any word from their mouth so respect to friends atleast with a proper name there should be calling their names.

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5. Respect to poor People

As we know that India is a country where there countless poor people as per during the past few year back there were some people who was poor before the independence there was British people who was really a bad person in which there was no respect of word was there in their mind and hardly they respect with a renowned person but they always biting the people of Indian so this was happening in the old days so from this we can learn one truth that never biting the poor people as try to respect them more rather them to ignore them. Respect poor people.

6. Respect to Strange people

This is the important thing as some people show their attitude in front of the other people to make them jealous and when they ask something they ignore them so some people are there which having an attitude as fully pot water of attitude so thing should not done and everyone should get an equal respect and not to ignore them atleast give them a respect with whole heartedly and atleast try to give one smile on your face so if other sees you then it can make other smile.

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7. Respect to the Old Age Person

This is the most common mistake done by the youth generation that they do not like to respect the old age people and also they ignored them, do not talk them, betrayed them from the different ways by the different member of the family as this happen in many houses but if it possible then please stop all thing and start to be improve rather than doing all this thing because really if you do not respect to those person who was make you grown up and after that they became old age people so you have to feel their values and talk to them, respect them, do work for them, love them rather than all this non-sense thing to ignore them because this thing never  suits to any people who never want to respect their grandparents or any old age people.

8. Respect to the Elder Person

Giving respect to elder person is most respectable thing of your life as some person are there which are elder then you maybe they can be cousins, friends, husband, family relatives, your real brother or real sister as well teacher also do you like to give them respect? No there is nothing like or dislike there is only one thing to give respect to everyone elder person as in the form of the behavior, way of your talking, attitude, personality, sharing the feelings, etc. Because there is only one thought “that first impression is the last impression”  so if you show your impression in front of your anyone then they will feel you are good enough in the respect form as well good person.

Essay On Respect in English

9. Respect to the books

This is a strange thing that giving importance to those thing which does not alive but there is a main role of those thing in your life because giving respect to the book which gives you knowledge at a free of cost or low cost after then also you do not reading them and just we keep aside like a picture frame to see it so this is not fair as whether they does have alive or not we has to give respect and importance to that thing also to make our life beautiful as well as wonderful.

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10. Self Respect

This is one of the most important feel as self-respect is an important thing because without this you cannot move forward nor cannot respect other if you does not have your respect then you could not do anything in your life because as if you do not have your self-respect then maybe you not bother about yourself future anything else.

So at last give respect to all as all others also whether they can be anything.

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