Short Essay On Social Issues

In this essay we are going to talk about the Social Issues. When we talk about society or state, its well being is ultimately connected to the individuals or people living in it. When people are being put to their full potential and are given equal rights, society becomes a  healthy place to live in. However, such a case is not seen in most societies as it suffers from at least one or two social issues, if not many.

What are social issues? How do they affect society? What kind of social issues are seen in societies nowadays? Let’s focus on answering these queries one by one.

Short Essay on social issues

Social issues are the problems that society suffers from resulting in its people’s physical, mental or social health being negatively affected. Lesser the social issues, more the well being of people in the community. When we talk about where do these issues come from? We can say it comes from the people of the society itself. The whole process basically follows the phrase of what goes around comes back. People’s mentality or the leader’s inadequacy in ruling or governing a state may lead to the rise of such social issues which ultimately hits people back. No society is perfect, it suffers from one or the other social issue, the difference is the range or the number of social issues and how they deal with them.

Essay On Social Issues

How does a social issue affect a society?

Let’s take an example of a society that is suffering from the issue of women rights. The women are not treated equally or given the right to work. They are not allowed to partake in outside or social activities. In such a society, women’s potential will not be fully used, which, in turn, will affect the state’s or society’s competence as a whole.

At times, the issues in society can also remain unaddressed. It can be either be due to the lack of its acknowledgement or a disagreement in even seeing it as an issue. Considering the same example of women rights, if the society or government do not even consider the mistreatment of women as an issue, then it might probably never be sorted!

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Different kinds of social issues

You can’t pinpoint types of social issues as there are too many of them to exist. At times, two issues can even be interlinked together. For example, poverty in a state can be the reason for the hunger crisis. Below are a few of the social issues that a country or society can suffer from-


Food, clothes and shelter are basic necessities of humans. It is not just hard but impossible to survive in a society where there is no food. Hunger problems are nothing new to the world. They have been existing for decades. There are various reasons for a society to go hunger ridden. It can be due to crop failures. It can also be due to poverty since in such cases one can’t afford to eat food. The impact of the hunger issue on society can be very bad. Children and people may face the problems of malnutrition and deficiency diseases. Lack of food can result in a lack of energy due to which the outcome of any work is not that satisfiable. Not just that, it can also lead to a lack of concentration and other mental problems.


Poverty is a condition where a person is not earning enough to satisfy his as well as his family’s basic necessities. There are many such countries, which may possess enough assets and riches but still have a concerning proportion of poverty-ridden people. Due to the lack of capacity to afford basic things, poor families often suffer from issues of homelessness, hunger, malnutrition and diseases and lack of education. Often small kids of such families are pushed into working or begging so that they could somehow earn for the family.

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Unemployment is a situation where people are unable to earn jobs for themselves. This can lead them to turn into a liability to society. Unemployment can be caused due to various reasons. Overpopulation of the country can be an issue that leads to unemployment. At times, lack of skills can also be the reason for this situation. It could be depressing for people to not be able to find work or settling in low paid jobs.

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Gender equity

There are few places in the world where men and women are not treated equally. Even India, the largest democracy in the world suffers from this issue. The situation of gender disparity is nothing new. It has existed for many centuries. The main problem of people having this perception is the environment and mentality with which they are raised. Hence, it is still taking time for countries like India to accept gender equity wholeheartedly and apply it in their daily lives.


Some countries follow their respective religion diligently. Though there is nothing wrong with doing so, the problem arises when people fight over it. The fights may often turn bloody and many people may lose their lives. Our own country, India had gone under such havoc which finally resulted in the painful partition. Even now, many people involve themselves in religion-related fights. Though standing up for one’s religion is never wrong but mistreating others is not correct either. There is another issue, which is very commonly seen in religious countries where many people are getting scammed in the name of religion on an everyday basis. This is mainly due to people’s blind and innocent faith over religion and god whose advantage is taken by these scammers for their benefit.

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This is an issue which many poor countries and developing countries face. Every year, due to lack of medical facilities and attention, millions of lives are lost. These are majorly belonging to those communities which are not well aware of the facilities or simply don’t have access to one. As mentioned before, Healthcare is a major issue in many countries, however, this situation tends to worsen when there is a widespread disease infecting and threatening the whole community.

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Discrimination and racism

Just like gender disparity, discrimination and racism are also one of the concerning issues which have been existing in the country for several years. Though, over the years people have stood up and fought against this, there are still instances where people get judged and treated poorly due to their caste, creed, race and colour. As of now, the occasion of such discrimination happening is very low, still, we have to focus on vanishing it completely from humankind.

Climate change

Though climate change is a severe environmental issue, it can negatively impact a community. For example, farmers, whose income solely is dependent on the crops. Crops can easily get affected due to involuntary and unwanted changes in the climate. This can cause these farmers to incur huge losses and ultimately suffer from poverty.


Addiction is never good for a human being. It can impact one’s social, mental and physical health. It can isolate a person from his or her responsibilities and communities which can ultimately harm a state’s well being.

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Public security

There is an assurance of one’s life in a country where there is public security. It guarantees a person’s well being and protects a community from any harm. For example, our country, India, has public security in the form of police and soldiers which protects us from any form of violence and war. Them doing their duty is the main reason why we feel secure in our country.

What could be done to improve society?

Almost every place, every community or every country has some or the other issue which people face. It won’t be inaccurate to say that you cannot free yourselves from these! However, what we can do is to come together as one and fight it. We should focus more on providing necessities to needy people, bring them up by providing education so they can stand on their own feet. Make sure that the level of education is good enough so that every student is skilled enough to fend for themselves.

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Not just that as individuals we must make sure that our surrounding stays free from any type of discrimination or racism. We should stand up for ourselves if we feel that we aren’t treated equally. We must also encourage others to fight for what is right. By changing one’s mentality, we can educate ourselves as well as our society about what is correct and live peacefully with each other.

Essay On Social Issues in English


What is a society? What makes a society? The answer to this is ‘us’. It is us as individuals who make a society. It is us who come together to become a society. Hence, the nature of the society will ultimately be the reflection of us as we are the people living in it. No matter what social issue a community may face, as long as we are ready to mould ourselves in the right way and try to face it, we will overcome the situation. However, it is important to note that changes in social concerns never come rapidly. It takes time, in fact, a lot of time! All we can do is take the path of improvement and try to bring people together with us in the journey!

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